The Red Thread- Space to Create

I first found out about Lisa's beautiful blog, design and making many years ago when her friend, Steph Bond, connected some dots between us, asked for some words and thoughts - which I was ever so pleased to be able to pass on. Since then, I've enjoyed visiting Lisa's blog, and being wowed by her skills in taking traditional crafts and reworking them into a modern interpretation. Her tutorials are amazing, with so much detail and thought and time gone into each one. Lisa's styling of her images, as well as the snippets of her home (that she shares with her daughter), are perfectly put together, in a simple and loved way. 
In the past six months I've been lucky to enjoy Lisa's instagram feed; which brings daily joy to many people through her love of bold clear colour and  sharing of skills. I'm so inspired by how Lisa works, and what she produces. 

So, it was completely amazing and humbling for me to receive an invitation from Lisa, a few weeks ago, to be part of her Space to Create blog posts. Where she shares an interview and images from creatives who inspire Lisa. Wow - to know that I inspire someone who inspires me. That's the wonderful circles I'm traveling at the moment!

Anyway, pop on over to Lisa's blog The Read Thread, to read my words on being a creative; a little snippet into our world and my life as a maker. While you're there, please be sure to check out Lisa's tutorials as well as the other Space to Create artists.

Thank you Lisa for your words. xx

happy making

I decided yesterday that I needed some happy making happen'.....

So - I washi-taped some little bottles. I coloured the water with paint. I gathered some flowers and the most wonderful moss, lichen, mushroom covered twigs. And I made some happiness.
{These moss covered sticks are all around in my garden. Whole trees covered with them. Wonderfulness. I saw something similar in a magazine once; these things sell at specialised city florists for $5 a teeny branch. It's like buying tumbleweed from a shop, or bamboo..... Not that I have tumbleweed, but oh do we have bamboo. If you want some - come and ask!}

I also made some little happiness bags and pouches. Pure goodness these are. Heart swelling happiness. The making of them was fun. The looking at them. And then the possibilities of what else they evolve into. That's super good. I'm learning that being creative is creative inducing - you need to make to be able to keep making. Sometimes the making isn't best, but that doesn't matter, because it makes more making happen.

So - happiness is easy to make. If you only try. The process of the making was happiness in itself, but the having and looking at and enjoying. That's pure happiness. Yah to finding some happy on these rainy, dismal days.

It's Thursday. So, here's to Our Creative Spaces today.

And in other SUPER exciting wonderful happiness making news. Look where I'm being *featured* this week - one of Brisbane's Finest Intagramers on The Weekend Edition! Super YAH!!

{my creative space} Printing some new designs

On my two studio days this week (Sunday + Monday, when Sam has his days off work), I did some hand cut stencils and some test printing with them.

I had so much fun sitting in the quiet of my studio (no kids, only the chooks in the neighbour's yard making their little noises). Drawing, designing, hand cutting the stencils and then just exploring printing some new design ideas. 

Over the past few months, I've been so caught up in the designing of my fashion range, that I haven't really had time to stop and think of new projects. And with our studio+house+job move happening within weeks, there's lots of other stuff getting in the way of planning for next year's fashion, textile + homewares range. Lots of things are going on the back burner while we move and build our new house + studio space. 

So, it was just perfect for my mental wellbeing to do something for the now. Not for thinking about future designs, just for the next few weeks. I printed up a few tote bags (hemp + organic cotton) that I'll have at the Southbank Young Designer's Market next weekend. Actually, I won't be there, my lovely sister will be taking my place as I have a workshop to present. They'll also be at our little studio market day on 11th Dec, full details over here - we'd love to see you there!

I really like 'rainy cloud is pretty blue'.

Orange umbrella needs a little reworking; Ari suggested spots which I quite like the idea of. 

The trees are being done as a four colour print, which takes a lot of waiting for paint to dry, but I can't wait to see the final results. The blossoms haven't quite lined up on the branches as I planned, but the whole thing has been recut and will line up when I do the final print (perhaps tomorrow - if we get out of the house at all!).

These will all be limited edition designs and products (I'm thinking cushions for the grove of trees, though may change my mind when it comes to sewing them up!). Being a hand cut stencil they only has a limited amount of reprints. Of course, I'm sure I'll rework them at a later stage to become something else. The grove of trees has been in my sketch books (and mind) for quite a long time now, so you will see them again. 

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{my creative space} stacks and layers and piles of beautiful fabric

My creative space over the next few weeks will include stacks and layers and piles and stitches and lots of beautiful beautiful fabric. and screen printing, too. and cutting and sewing. and organising. and deciding. {all for this reason}.

These are some extraordinarily beautiful pieces of vintage Japanese Kimono silks and cottons. Scraps and off-cuts, all tidily rolled into unassuming bundles. These will be curated into little zippered purses and a new version of the Cumulus Clutch. And perhaps, only perhaps, if I have time some cushion covers as well.

But for now it's all about picking and choosing and layering and deciding which colours and designs and patterns match best together, or clash best together as the case may be. I'll show you the finished results once they're done.

These little piles of orange glowing loveliness are for some new skirts in the collection. I cut them before we went on holiday, and will be picking them up from my sewer/machinist in a few days (when I drop her off some more work). to help me out; more time for me to design and create, rather than unpicking fussy and disobedient zips!

The orange is a Japanese cotton with sweet little leaves and blossoms. Combined with the black hemp/organic cotton. Sewn into a simple cut. Easy to wear - I've been wearing my sample for the past week.

Head over to Kootoyoo for some more creative peeps. 

a serene and quiet and thoughtful day

 today was my studio day.
a lovely time for some quiet thinking, and lots of doing. which is good.

i had three friends visit today - nice to have the quiet broken up with some good conversation. sylv came and tried on a few extra pieces i'm working on; rejigging of patterns and such. and also a skirt i'm making her from some buttery naniIRO goodness. it's taken us a while to feel ready, with the right skirt pattern, to cut into the fabric. i have some too that i will cut and sew next week.

with spring already here, and summer warmness fast approaching, some cool soft whimsical dreamy floaty double gauze clothing is the perfect thing to wear.

i'll show them off next week. {he he he. i'm not the only one who's held onto my naniIRO for so many years out of fear of cutting into the beauty and not showing it the true respect it deserves. sylv + i did get our pieces a few years ago, before it was so easy to find online and in our local shops. well, not the Iro, but the double gauze.}

i have achieved so much these past few weeks. in terms of moving forward with my fashion collection. i am just.a.teeny.bit pleased with myself.
{i am not a trained fashion designer or pattern maker, or even sewer for that matter. i am self-taught in all those aspects. i know there has been much talk, over the years, especially around blogland, of self-taught not being quite as good as professionally trained. yes, possibly true. possibly not. i don't know. what i do know is that having to teach yourself sometimes takes longer to do things that it should. and you don't know the little insider's tricks and tips. i do think perhaps next year i will see if there is time - while we build our house! - for me to do a part-time fashion / pattern making course. we will see}.
in the meantime, i feel that i'm doing very well anyway. if i do say-so myself. and i've had some wonderful, supportive, generous assistance from nina, who is a trained and experienced fashion designer and pattern maker.
so there! ha....

* these images were taken at the studio the other day. all by ben messina (my brother-in-law who shot my fashion shoot... tomorrow i'll show it, i promise - for now the lovely quietness of the afternoon light in the studio).

lolly dolly {creative space}

I'm part of the entertainment, tonight, at a massive scrapbooking event.
The costumes are crazy and fun and like a little girls birthday party - but on high speed or something! 

I'm adding the finishing touches to my costume (it was given the seal of approval, last night, by the organiser).

A beautiful underskirt / petticoat borrowed from Sylv. It's so lush to wear so much tulle - oh, I do think I was meant to be born in a different era. {Mind you, I'm not sure I would have coped with the corsets or restrained feminist ideas}. A red + white striped silk dress, which I'm pulling up in ruffley bits so it shows off the most demure amount of tulle.

This morning I'm making fabric floral rosette bits to put onto the pinned up ruffles. I'll be wearing some in my hair, and around my neck as well. {This blue flowery hair piece was made by the always beautiful Nannette. I bought it from her last year at the Stitches + Craft Show - where I wish I'd bought one of her amazing cushions.....}

And my pink wedding shoes - so much fun to wear. But thankfully also quite comfortable. 

I'm thinking pink or purple tights underneath. Just for fun. Of course. 

Tonight is all about fun. 600 Scrapbookers. And a gang of Lolly Dolly entertaining girls all dressed up in craziness!

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creative space :: pears, citrus and an apple

Yesterday I did a little bit of screen printing, for a customer order.

Even though we are in the process of packing everything up, to move to a new little studio space next week, I pushed aside the mess and squeedgied out a few panels  of hemp (for sewing into cushion covers) and tea towels of Pear Shaped in that brightest of reds that I do love so much. 

Now, today - sewing the cushions up, so they can get posted off tomorrow. And photographing the tea towels so I can get them into my little online shop at Blue Caravan.

Sometimes, for some reason, I have a real difficulty photographing my tea towels. I want to style them in a sweet way {you know, cups of tea and things}, but also it has to be practical so the images are actually easy to see as well. How do you think I've gone. 

Don't think much else will be happening this week. The boy is still off school sick; I'm looking after another little friend all day tomorrow; my nephew will be here tonight. Sounds like I'll have a hard time keeping the kitchen clean (you know all those constant dishes kids use throughout the day) and the loungeroom tidy (all those endless games and drawings and books and papers they need to set up in every room of our house). 

I've also been enjoying having a little lie in each morning (not having to jump up for the school run). Having my morning coffee in bed, while reading an interesting book I picked up at the library - I'll admit right now I'm still not sure that the book's actually about anything, but it's got some really good parts and thought-provoking quotes, and is also filled with drawings and photos and old maps and stamps and things from Morocco. I chose the book based on it's cover!

More creatives over at Kootoyoo; where she's got some warm and fuzzy wool on her needles. 
PS - if you scroll down to this post, I've a giveaway of my tea towels.

creative spot in the sun

Today I cleaned the house, as I had a dear visitor coming over for a cup of tea. We've all just sat in the sun and chatted for an hour or so. 
The kids are due back from school momentarily (with Sylv + Mishi), and I'm enjoying listening to Lisa Mitchell's "Wonder".

Lately I've been doing this bit of crochet everywhere I go. Waiting for the school bell to ring,;sitting at kids' birthday parties; on the couch around the warmth of a friend's fire (hi Grace + Deb); or at the market, chatting with friends.

It's delicious organic wool, in deep earth and blossom. I'm working on simple lines of single crochet, using up one ball until it's gone then changing to the next ball wherever I am on the line (middle, end, whatever - to save from having little bits of scraps of perfectly fine + expensive wool not be used). It will be a blanket, in time for Winter next year. I'll simply stop stitching when I've had enough, and that's how big it'll be. A lap blanket. It's like a cherry ripe; choc + berry {colours look a bit blown out in the full-on sunlight}.

Also, I'm finally putting on paper the house that has been floating around in my head for many years. Considering we are looking at land, and moving ever so slowly closer to that aspect of life; I feel that we should start properly planning our new home we want to build and live in. Also, good to let Sam know how big I aim to have my sewing room, and a little desk in the corner somewhere for writing letters and dreams and things. 

Sunshine and a clean house. Kidney beans simmering on the stove top for dinner tonight (no more buying of tinned food for us!). Heart-warming conversation and deep strong hugs from friends, and sisters. What else does a girl need?

There's some yummy Liberty points over at the hostess with the mostess, and her loyal creative spaces.

creative :: tidy + sunshine

This morning I completed Step 1 {finish tidying + sorting my office corner}.
The sun shining in the open windows has made a big difference to my mood. Thank you sun. Thank you also to your lovely, supportive comments. They helped me clear my mood away (even if only for this moment).
So, with a fresh and clean desk I'm feeling ready to tackle the other things on my list. And then move forward to getting the ideas off the sketch book and into real life fabric. Isn't it funny how a clear desk / room / head space makes you see so many possibilities that you couldn't see through the cloud and fog of the mess. 
It's also strange how much time I procrastinate about doing the clearing, cleaning, refreshing and how little time it actually takes. {I think I spend way more time looking for clothes in the pile, that if I folded them all and put them away each washing day!}.

Things I need for my desk, which will hopefully feature in next week's creative space.
  • a soft fabric basket, from I Love Patchwork, for my camera, phone charger, cords, etc to sit and possibly one for "little bits of pieces" to sit before I find a home for them, or get over the needing to keep everything gene.
  • some new pens! I mean seriously, the kids keep on taking all the pens I ever have.
  • a computer free morning or late evening writing some real life paper letters to friends and then actually posting them out.
  • getting all my paperwork in order, before tax due date. (our tax year ends June 30th).
  • a yummy warm cup of Kukicha tea to sit on my sweet coaster.
 I also need to get the little kids table fully kitted out, so that Mishi can sit with me in this front room and we can both work together. Side-by-side. Some new pencils and a good way of keeping paper from ending up all over the house in tiny little pieces are necessary. And perhaps some pegs to display their finished artworks. {Thought perhaps this won't happen until the new house - the current set-up works pretty well too; bringing pencils + paper and cleaning up at the end of the creative time}.
There's a stack of creatives over Ms Kootoyoo's place. Though of course I have too many things to complete before the school bell rings, so I haven't been able to visit anyone. {must wash up before I blog-hop - new mantra to add to this great mantra}.

Enjoy your day my friends. xxx

my creative space {warm cocoa and the world}

I'm making some new mirrors for the markets this weekend. I'll have my usual fabric ones - some beautiful snippets of fabrics to see - but I'm also working on a new collection of world exploration. Sort of!
A short while ago, I put the (email) call out to my close family members, asking for any maps they might have that I could have, if they no longer needed them. Many many thanks to Jean to handed over a pile of fantastic world exploration. 
Some of the maps were from old Australian Geographic + National Geographic {yes people, there is a difference - I used to work at the Australian one}, and Ari's taken a real interest in some of them, so they went his way.
I've been loving using little land shapes, places I've visited, places I've wanted to visit, places one day I may visit, some I won't. That's okay - I can visit them in my dreams, can't I? {pPus I always tell my kids that they can go adventuring on their own one day, they won't need me to take them. They are quite surprised when I tell them they can go off into the world on their own}.
Being a coldish Winter (yes Winter is now officially here), we're having warm cocoa and melty-cheese corn chips with guacamole for morning tea. After that fuels me on, I'm headed down to the cold (and very messy) craft room to get some screen printing done for custom orders and for market folks.

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creative space :: robots

This is a bit of a cheat creative space. In that it's not from this week. I made this a few weeks ago for a dear friend's 4th birthday. 
It's made with one panel of Kristen Doran robots fabric + some spots that I had in my stash. 
It took way longer to make than it should have, as I kept changing my mind on the placement of the robots..... You know how that happens; designing as you're going.
The little pocket perfectly fits his robot softie. 

Other creative things happening today include running errands for supplies our workshop this weekend at the Saviours of the Lost Arts. I've just found out that the workshop is fully booked, with a waiting list. Just more reasons why I need to find a suitable space to run some workshops of my own - a long-held dream.....

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creative stitching in detail

I'm headed up to the park, 
with some friends, 
for an afterschool play date. 

The pop corn is popped, 
the water melon cut.
Warms and blankets for the walk home again.
The Winter cold is slowly slipping in.

I'm taking my stitching with me
been working on this
over the past few days
of moments of time.

The white one is for a special project that I'm hoping will be finished in time. 
A surprise. 
A secret. 
Something special. 

The pots are my own screen printed Potter's Daughter, 
with some simple embroidery thread
stitched here and there as I desire. 
Or, as Mishi desires - she's helping with the colour choices.

Isn't the texture on the hemp + organic cotton blend so beautiful.
The white thread is a silk, so lovely to stitch with.

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animal ears in my {messy} creative space

I'm finishing up these little animal ears this morning. New products for the Bris-Style Mother + Child market on Saturday. 
You've previously seen these sweet little felt ears on my pink fairy bunny.
I'll have bunnies + bears / wombats. 
Was hoping to get some more Aussie animal ears made, but time ran out (as usual!). Ari's doing Australian animals at school, and he keeps coming home with lovely bits of information.
There'll be some other new products launching this weekend, as well as kids artwork on mirrors {come and make your own - lots of fun!}. Come along and say hello. There'll also be fairy floss, colouring-in competition and a beautiful fairy, on the day.

There's more creatives over at Kootoyoo. I only wish I had more time to browse them all; but I'm rostered on to help out at the Mother's Day stall at school + group activities in the classroom most of today.

Creative clouds and tea things....

This week's creative space has consisted of lots of screen printing and sewing. Market day tomorrow. Last minute rush again. But, actually, I love that - that's how I work. I do just wish that my mind would stop coming up with new ideas and designs that
Not right now, mind. 24hrs before the market. Come on!!

These pics aren't the best. I'm hoping to bribe my brother-in-law to do a little photo shoot for us in the next few weeks. Until then, you have our clothesline and backyard, with trampoline legs included!

New tea towels for the Red Seed Studio {clothes}line. 100% linen and hand screen printed by myself + whichever offsider was there on the day {Sam + the kids, oh those kids are super helpful with screen printing. And also my sister Sylv}.
There's pears and pots and clouds.
And then of course some Cumulus Clutches + Handbags. And a few other little things too.... Come along and see for yourself.

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being creative does take planning!

My creative space today isn't very exciting; but is very necessary.
Suddenly I have lots in my diary. Lots of little things adding up to one big busy month ahead.
So, I found the roll of kids paper, and ruled up the next 2+ months of plans.
Work plans, school plans and personal plans. All there for us to see what we need to do.

Coming up in the next month I have ::
weekly Thursday afternoons in Ari's classroom, helping the teacher
Romeo + Juliet modern ballet + a girly night with my three sisters
birthday party for my dear friend's son + a present to make
working bee at school, for the Mother's Day stall
two craft markets over one weekend
prep work for both the markets
baking for another school event + helping on the day
a workshop + talk to prepare for
another craft market

plus we want to go away, for our birthday or anniversary or something
and we've just decided to take Mishi out of her daycare (kindy) days, so she will now be at home with me full time again.

immediate jobs for today include tidying the kids bedroom (I think a whirlwind must have swooshed in there and knocked everything off every single shelf). The pile of laundry will have to wait another day to be folded and put away, I suppose!

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creative spaces - pleats and ferns

 Finally, finally, finally I have something to show for my creativeness this week. Photographic evidence!
These past two days I've been slowly pottering in my sewing space. It's still a bit smelly down there, from the flooding and moldy carpet. {Massive flooding a while ago in our downstairs room - most of Sam's extensive magazine collection was ruined, and the walls grew some interesting looking mold}. But with the curtains and windows wide open today, and the sunlight trying to peak in it was quite lovely down there. 

My sister picked Ari up from school, which meant I have a few extra hours. {Thank you!}. Lucky, this bag took much longer than anticipated. That's what happens when you design as you sew.... and you change your mind quite a few times.

But I'm almost very totally happy with this. A few tweaks and it will be quite exactly as I wanted. As it is now, it's a bit bigger than I planned. That's the problem with wanting to use up all of the fabric, and not make scraps - I always use the extra 3 - 4 cm, which really does all add up. Next time the bag will be the same size as the drawing and planning and calico mock-up.

Green screen printed ferns on black hemp / organic cotton, lined in orange silk that's been sitting waiting in my stash for oh so-so-so-so many years. Hmmmmm. This sure is one lovely bag that I am going to enjoy using. 
I'll be back in the sewing room later this week, sewing up some variations for my market stall on 30th.

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PS - please come back tomorrow, cause I need your help with a little something.....

my creative space :: planning

The kindy teachers got word that I can sew.
After seeing the robots that I made for the kids to take into school / kindy, they have still silly notion that I can sew softies.
Miss Kate asked if perhaps I could make one little softies friend that the kids can each take home for one night, and they're going to write about what their friend did at their house that night. Sounds so sweet doesn't it - like the story of that teddy bear that traveled around the world and sent postcards back to the school students. 
She chatted to the kids about what sort of friend they would like. And you know what they came up with? Those 3 - 4 years olds! All the boys wanted a truck, and all the girls wanted wings. So - ummm a flying truck. 
Ok, ok. My softie sewing skills are still quite limited and I'm not so sure I'll be able to make a truck they're totally happy with. Though I'll have a think, and a look. 
But then I suggested perhaps a crocodile. With wings? 
All the rooms at kindy have different animal names, and Mishi is in the Crocodile room. So, crocodile seems fitting. No?

I went out to super-fun exciting Spotlight, to search for some tiny glimpse of inspiration. Not much happening there. I came home with 10m of calico, for pattern drafting, and some other little finds. And then I spotted a greenish/teal version of this fabric. The shop assistant appeased me by agreeing that it looked "vaguely" crocodilish. You agree, don't you. Yes, I know you do!
I didn't want something that would be too brown and boring and ugly for the kids, but something fun and bright. Without being silly. 
I've got to sit down and do some sketchers and plans of how to make this crocodile. I'm not sure if I'll do a lying down one, or sitting up one. This one's cute, and this too. Can you point me to any other ideas.

The other fabrics in these pics, is for some little picnic rugs I'm making for the Crocodile kindy room. When I was there the other day, I watched a few of the little girls packing things up from the play kitchen and shop, and go for a picnic. And all they had to picnic on was the normal carpet. So, I've decided to make three little simple quilt-style rugs for them to use. I'm trying to make them all different colours, to appeal to girls and boys. 
Hopefully there'll be enough of this cute bird fabric left over to make another little rug for someone else. (I'm thinking that surely I owe something to a family member - speak up......).

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my creative space :: a pink giraffe

today i'm making the skirt that's been in my sketch book for a short while. and in my head for a longer while.
i bought this fabric at spotlight, when we were there for tulle for the ballet tutu. it's not often that spotlight has interesting fabric (years ago they used to, but not now) - so i grab it when i see it. i knew i wanted to make a skirt out of this, so instead of getting my usual half a meter (is that what you do, when you don't have a project in mind?), i got 2.5 meters. which means i've got heaps left over after my skirt. i'm planning on using it to line a bag i'm working new designs on.
this makes me think of a pink giraffe. how fun - to be a pink giraffe.
skirt is still in production. come back tomorrow, i plan on wearing it for 51 versions of me.

and yes, those are a whole lot of pin tuck pleats. which i love sewing. a small amount of my pleat, tuck, ruffle inspiration, if you want.

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creatively peared :: paired

Lately I've been doing a little drawing, more than usual (I go through long phases of not liking my drawing style, so don't do any). This one has been happening alternately with these pears.

A few weeks ago, while out at Mt Cootha, we discovered there was a library there - a regular one, that we had library cards for! But, not so regular, in that it specialises in botanical and astronomical (there's an observatory out there, too) books. WOW. I so love those old botanical drawings and paintings. So, we borrowed up a very small selection. The first one to inspire me is "Fruit :: An illustrated history". Ours has a passionfruit on the cover.

So, pears and figs and also some strawberries. All sort of voluptuous looking - don't you love fruit that looks like a woman's bottom? With sketchy lines and shapes, all free flowing and movement. And just let the pencil do it's thing without thinking too much.

And, then I visit Gina today and find she's been pear-inspired too, in a different way. Isn't that fabulous - we're peared :: paired. Perhaps something will come out of it, a pairing of pears. Or something. Don't we just love the word play anyway!

My creative space was filled with my family, too. Sam with his music, having a much needed thinking and resting time. Ari with his strawberries. Mishi with her fairies or princesses.

*green sketch sewn pears are from Gina. The colourful fruit + images are from the Fruit book. All other images from me.

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about to get creative

The (sewing) machine has been sitting there, quite neglected lately. There's been things happening around here, organising and ordering and tying and untying things*, and rushing to the emergency room**.

So, anyway late last week, as I was rushing out for a photoshoot a lovely parcel arrived. Look at the beautiful wrapping - a sweet thrifted button with some twine and a pretty tag. Everyone in my family loves this fabric, and it's to be made into some cushions for our tired old chairs on the verandah (where we intend eating every meal this whole Summer). I'm planning on using our black hemp as the backing - hmmmmm. Those colours will pop! Love love love being able to sew using all organic fabrics.
Lots of other cushions will under the machine today - some birthday present making for my niece + newphew.

More creative spaces over here (unfortunately no time to visit them all today, for me, as I know I'll be too distracted!). 

*Mishi has turned into a puppy dog these past weeks, she needs a leash tied around her tummy and her daddy/owner (Ari) walks her around the house. She's a very good puppy, and does excellent tricks too.
**thought I'd better put this note in here, seeing as how this blog is somehow meant to be a sort-of rememberance of the kids' childhood. We rushed Mishi to the emergency room last weekend, blood gushing from her little chin. She'd slipped over on the tiles in the bathroom. Big brother Ari called out, and we came running. Luckily my sister was here (helping me do some screen printing), as I don't cope too well with the whole blood and hospital thing. She's all okay now - very brave girl. They glued her up with special magic fairy glue; they don't do stitches anymore.