Hello, I'm Ellie!
I’m a textile artist & author.

I inspire creatives & makers to slow down by using your hands, head & heart for meaningful, intentional work.

  • I teach online & in-person workshops, showing the how-to of a process, but more importantly helping you transform ~ using fabric, yarn, thread, time, cake, tea & possibility to discover the joy of nourishing your self through craft, art or creative work.

  • Do you want to un-busy your days & create space to be more creative in your life?
    Learning to use your hands, head & heart to feel your stories in a deeper way.

  • Do you long to be joyful about your imperfect way of viewing the world? To connect your creative work with your ethos of caring for the Earth, while also doing things your own way? Breaking the rules, making your own rules! I work like that - let’s connect & share stories, knowing that we’re not alone with our wonky stitches, our messy work tables, our shelves full of nature gathered finds...
    {yes, I too have numerous sticks, leaves & rocks that I just had to bring home}.

  • Let me guide you along a journey of noticing the everyday mundane beautiful moments in your life, to see that what you have here & now is truly enough, and that you are enough.

  • Yep craft & creativity can help with this - I know it sounds a little far fetched; but it’s helped me and lots of others who I’ve worked with.

    I work instinctually, led by the process not the outcome, allowing my love of quiet moments & conversations with my materials to inform my creative work, my words, photos & sharing. I listen to the whisper in my creative heart.

    When you’re ready to learn to listen to your whisper,

    start here ::


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