Workshops - my love of teaching, connecting and sharing ideas for you as a teacher

This week someone asked me what I loved most about teaching workshops, and I was still on the delicious floating high from having been teaching at a weekend of gatherings / workshops at beauty-ful Atelier 34. So I was in the exact heart-place to answer that question.

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my book - Mindful Thoughts for Makers

Oh Hey! I wrote a book.

And it’s almost ready to be out in the world, so we can hold it in our hands. That’s pretty cool, isn’t it.

It was a really really excellent process, writing and being edited by someone, having to fit exact requirements of word count and such. So good for my to have this experience.

The book is 25 essays on making, intentional process, bringing mindfulness and thoughtfulness into our days… and that sort of thing.

You can pre-order my book - pre-orders really help authors, in the whole publishing process (so I’ve read). It makes the publishers much happier with you. And my editor says that depending on how this book goes, they will ready to write the next book with me - which is already flowing out of me onto rough drafts.

Pre-order from Amazon
or Book Depository
or ask your local book shop to stock it
or your library
or I have it for pre-order in my shop here and will have it at my studio too.

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of weaving my own path : a story of self-worth and realisation

I sat with this feeling of not knowing, and being wrong for only a short amount of time. I pulled my weaving back in front of me. With my selection of colours and yarns I told myself that the very first humans to ever weave and make cloth or fibre of any sort didn't have a teacher except their mother or father, and didn't have a book or a fancy workshop. They had their materials and their human innate understanding of maybe how something could work. They didn't know if it would work or not, but they kept on trying until it did. And they kept on listening to their own thoughts and intelligence. 

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Hummus : a recipe ~ vegan, plastic-free, and totally yummy!

This is my recipe for hummus - which is super easy and super yummy. Make some and keep it in your fridge for school or work lunches, morning or afternoon tea snacks, spreading onto breakfast toast, taking to a party, or dipping veggie sticks into. I make it without using any canned chickpeas (it's cheaper this way, reduces the waste of the packaging, and tastes yummier). I buy organic and Australian grown chickpeas in bulk from my health-food shop and soak them myself. It's homemade from scratch, naturally vegan and gluten-free, and plastic-free as well. But most importantly it tastes delicious and my whole family loves it!

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a raw and fragile heart is strength and golden light

Feeling raw in this life can be the hardest thing there is. But it's the only thing, for me. I don't want to - I will not live a watered down life, for anyone. I know now that I do not want to have to self-edit what I think / feel / or say, just to make someone else feel comfortable. Why oh why do I keep walking around trying to make people feel ok or comfortable, when my journey is about moving beyond the boundaries of comfort and ease.

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