creative spaces - pleats and ferns

 Finally, finally, finally I have something to show for my creativeness this week. Photographic evidence!
These past two days I've been slowly pottering in my sewing space. It's still a bit smelly down there, from the flooding and moldy carpet. {Massive flooding a while ago in our downstairs room - most of Sam's extensive magazine collection was ruined, and the walls grew some interesting looking mold}. But with the curtains and windows wide open today, and the sunlight trying to peak in it was quite lovely down there. 

My sister picked Ari up from school, which meant I have a few extra hours. {Thank you!}. Lucky, this bag took much longer than anticipated. That's what happens when you design as you sew.... and you change your mind quite a few times.

But I'm almost very totally happy with this. A few tweaks and it will be quite exactly as I wanted. As it is now, it's a bit bigger than I planned. That's the problem with wanting to use up all of the fabric, and not make scraps - I always use the extra 3 - 4 cm, which really does all add up. Next time the bag will be the same size as the drawing and planning and calico mock-up.

Green screen printed ferns on black hemp / organic cotton, lined in orange silk that's been sitting waiting in my stash for oh so-so-so-so many years. Hmmmmm. This sure is one lovely bag that I am going to enjoy using. 
I'll be back in the sewing room later this week, sewing up some variations for my market stall on 30th.

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PS - please come back tomorrow, cause I need your help with a little something.....