creative spot in the sun

Today I cleaned the house, as I had a dear visitor coming over for a cup of tea. We've all just sat in the sun and chatted for an hour or so. 
The kids are due back from school momentarily (with Sylv + Mishi), and I'm enjoying listening to Lisa Mitchell's "Wonder".

Lately I've been doing this bit of crochet everywhere I go. Waiting for the school bell to ring,;sitting at kids' birthday parties; on the couch around the warmth of a friend's fire (hi Grace + Deb); or at the market, chatting with friends.

It's delicious organic wool, in deep earth and blossom. I'm working on simple lines of single crochet, using up one ball until it's gone then changing to the next ball wherever I am on the line (middle, end, whatever - to save from having little bits of scraps of perfectly fine + expensive wool not be used). It will be a blanket, in time for Winter next year. I'll simply stop stitching when I've had enough, and that's how big it'll be. A lap blanket. It's like a cherry ripe; choc + berry {colours look a bit blown out in the full-on sunlight}.

Also, I'm finally putting on paper the house that has been floating around in my head for many years. Considering we are looking at land, and moving ever so slowly closer to that aspect of life; I feel that we should start properly planning our new home we want to build and live in. Also, good to let Sam know how big I aim to have my sewing room, and a little desk in the corner somewhere for writing letters and dreams and things. 

Sunshine and a clean house. Kidney beans simmering on the stove top for dinner tonight (no more buying of tinned food for us!). Heart-warming conversation and deep strong hugs from friends, and sisters. What else does a girl need?

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