sunshine and rainbows

I brought some sunshine home with me on the way home from school drop-off this morning.
Before the holidays we saw the buds forming, and then growing. And now the glorious sunny yellow blossoms greet us each day as we walk into the school gate. 
Snugglepot and Cuddlepie's friend was a wattle blossom baby.

This is in our bathroom. So we can see the sunshine blossoms every day, when we wash our hands. 

My own little blossom baby has been a jingle jangle rainbow girl today. Wearing her rainbow dress, refashioned by herself with ribbon, and teamed with the tinkling Indian bracelets that Danielle brought back for us late last year.
I have a whole armful of these bracelets for my size, but it's hard to find child size ones here in Aust. Though I do remember seeing them often as a child. I love the sound they make, like a tinkling fairy laugh or something. 

Happy sunshine weekend to you, my friends. 

{Also - many thanks for your kind words about my article in Peppermint mag - I knew you wouldn't mind me boasting and bragging to you!}.