being creative does take planning!

My creative space today isn't very exciting; but is very necessary.
Suddenly I have lots in my diary. Lots of little things adding up to one big busy month ahead.
So, I found the roll of kids paper, and ruled up the next 2+ months of plans.
Work plans, school plans and personal plans. All there for us to see what we need to do.

Coming up in the next month I have ::
weekly Thursday afternoons in Ari's classroom, helping the teacher
Romeo + Juliet modern ballet + a girly night with my three sisters
birthday party for my dear friend's son + a present to make
working bee at school, for the Mother's Day stall
two craft markets over one weekend
prep work for both the markets
baking for another school event + helping on the day
a workshop + talk to prepare for
another craft market

plus we want to go away, for our birthday or anniversary or something
and we've just decided to take Mishi out of her daycare (kindy) days, so she will now be at home with me full time again.

immediate jobs for today include tidying the kids bedroom (I think a whirlwind must have swooshed in there and knocked everything off every single shelf). The pile of laundry will have to wait another day to be folded and put away, I suppose!

Visit Kirsty, where there are sure to be some creative souls actually doing something beautifully creative.