"He stared out the window at a shelf of clouds that was like miles and miles of densely packed snow one could walk across. The sight filled him with peace; this was his life now, the ability to do as he pleased...."  From Unaccustomed Earth by Jhumpa Lahiri.
I've decided on a name for my new pleated purses. Henceforth to be called the Cumulus Clutch. 

Don't know why I didn't think of this earlier than today; I have a skirt in my clothing collection (that I'm currently working on) called the Cumulus. 

Cumulus generally indicate fair weather, until they start to change shape and become storm clouds. But for now, I'm hoping for clear skies for my new purse range.{The weather today in Brisbane is rain and grey cloud}.

These are just a couple that I finished up today. They'll be coming with me to my market stalls (have just booked in for another one), and hopefully not coming home again!
I really enjoyed the hand stitching details, and am working on some in more colourful stitches. Also, there are some with our screen printed fabrics.

So, how do you like the name? 
I was really excited by all the suggestions you gave me. The Goldilocks was so fun, and I started imagining lots of Three Bear off-shoots. All the fern related names - I did not know there was a fern called Hen + Chick! And then Petite, Perfect + Plentiful. And of course I will always love any suggestion relating to the always enchanting Audrey.Thank you so much for all the suggestions.
I picked a name out of my little blue hat - Congratulations to Sandrine. Tell me what colour you'd prefer, and if you'd like a printed design (our screen print) or some hand stitching detail. I'll add it to my sewing pile to be posted to you by the end of this month, or you  can choose one from my market stall - if you'll be around {contact me  - redseedstudio AT gmail DOT com}.

*the sky is a bit too dark to give any really excellent photos today - so this is the best; I've deliberately overexposed them with lots of white glowing light.