{my creative space} Printing some new designs

On my two studio days this week (Sunday + Monday, when Sam has his days off work), I did some hand cut stencils and some test printing with them.

I had so much fun sitting in the quiet of my studio (no kids, only the chooks in the neighbour's yard making their little noises). Drawing, designing, hand cutting the stencils and then just exploring printing some new design ideas. 

Over the past few months, I've been so caught up in the designing of my fashion range, that I haven't really had time to stop and think of new projects. And with our studio+house+job move happening within weeks, there's lots of other stuff getting in the way of planning for next year's fashion, textile + homewares range. Lots of things are going on the back burner while we move and build our new house + studio space. 

So, it was just perfect for my mental wellbeing to do something for the now. Not for thinking about future designs, just for the next few weeks. I printed up a few tote bags (hemp + organic cotton) that I'll have at the Southbank Young Designer's Market next weekend. Actually, I won't be there, my lovely sister will be taking my place as I have a workshop to present. They'll also be at our little studio market day on 11th Dec, full details over here - we'd love to see you there!

I really like 'rainy cloud is pretty blue'.

Orange umbrella needs a little reworking; Ari suggested spots which I quite like the idea of. 

The trees are being done as a four colour print, which takes a lot of waiting for paint to dry, but I can't wait to see the final results. The blossoms haven't quite lined up on the branches as I planned, but the whole thing has been recut and will line up when I do the final print (perhaps tomorrow - if we get out of the house at all!).

These will all be limited edition designs and products (I'm thinking cushions for the grove of trees, though may change my mind when it comes to sewing them up!). Being a hand cut stencil they only has a limited amount of reprints. Of course, I'm sure I'll rework them at a later stage to become something else. The grove of trees has been in my sketch books (and mind) for quite a long time now, so you will see them again. 

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