creatively peared :: paired

Lately I've been doing a little drawing, more than usual (I go through long phases of not liking my drawing style, so don't do any). This one has been happening alternately with these pears.

A few weeks ago, while out at Mt Cootha, we discovered there was a library there - a regular one, that we had library cards for! But, not so regular, in that it specialises in botanical and astronomical (there's an observatory out there, too) books. WOW. I so love those old botanical drawings and paintings. So, we borrowed up a very small selection. The first one to inspire me is "Fruit :: An illustrated history". Ours has a passionfruit on the cover.

So, pears and figs and also some strawberries. All sort of voluptuous looking - don't you love fruit that looks like a woman's bottom? With sketchy lines and shapes, all free flowing and movement. And just let the pencil do it's thing without thinking too much.

And, then I visit Gina today and find she's been pear-inspired too, in a different way. Isn't that fabulous - we're peared :: paired. Perhaps something will come out of it, a pairing of pears. Or something. Don't we just love the word play anyway!

My creative space was filled with my family, too. Sam with his music, having a much needed thinking and resting time. Ari with his strawberries. Mishi with her fairies or princesses.

*green sketch sewn pears are from Gina. The colourful fruit + images are from the Fruit book. All other images from me.

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