giveaway - reminder

Just a quick reminder that my giveaway is still open. I think I'll pick a winner this weekend sometime. So - enter by leaving a comment over here or even just here. 

:: Some other things ::
:: It's been raining in Brisbane for a few days now. Not as terrible as some other parts of the world
:: The washing is still sitting wet on the clothes line, while I slowly dry it in batches on our little heater. 
:: It's a public holiday today in Brisbane. Due to the EKKA (the show day - which I have never been to, and have told my kids I'll never go to. Ever. I will admit that I have been to the much smaller show of the town I grew up in, and will possibly take my kids there one day. But, of course, there'll be no show bags). Tomorrow is a day off school as well (so that the kids all have more time to get to the show, I imagine.. Or recover from it, or something.).
:: Today we bought the foam to go on our screen printing table, for the new studio space. Don't know when it'll all get put together (as I'm need Sam's help, and he doesn't have as many days off for recovery as the kids). Hopefully I will be printing again ...... soon. 
:: The kids are currently playing shops and doctors. It's so good to hear them playing nicely together; as lately there's been some not nice behaviour coming from Ari. (Due to being a big school boy or not, we're not sure). 
:: The house is half a mess, as we have been rearranging furniture and things are still to be put away properly. But what's done is really good - Sam and I now share a big desk. Nice to be sitting next to him while we are both working at our computers. 
:: That's all. Must vacuum the floors, as we are having a visitor here for the night.

Enjoy your middle-of-the-week-day.

creative space :: pears, citrus and an apple

Yesterday I did a little bit of screen printing, for a customer order.

Even though we are in the process of packing everything up, to move to a new little studio space next week, I pushed aside the mess and squeedgied out a few panels  of hemp (for sewing into cushion covers) and tea towels of Pear Shaped in that brightest of reds that I do love so much. 

Now, today - sewing the cushions up, so they can get posted off tomorrow. And photographing the tea towels so I can get them into my little online shop at Blue Caravan.

Sometimes, for some reason, I have a real difficulty photographing my tea towels. I want to style them in a sweet way {you know, cups of tea and things}, but also it has to be practical so the images are actually easy to see as well. How do you think I've gone. 

Don't think much else will be happening this week. The boy is still off school sick; I'm looking after another little friend all day tomorrow; my nephew will be here tonight. Sounds like I'll have a hard time keeping the kitchen clean (you know all those constant dishes kids use throughout the day) and the loungeroom tidy (all those endless games and drawings and books and papers they need to set up in every room of our house). 

I've also been enjoying having a little lie in each morning (not having to jump up for the school run). Having my morning coffee in bed, while reading an interesting book I picked up at the library - I'll admit right now I'm still not sure that the book's actually about anything, but it's got some really good parts and thought-provoking quotes, and is also filled with drawings and photos and old maps and stamps and things from Morocco. I chose the book based on it's cover!

More creatives over at Kootoyoo; where she's got some warm and fuzzy wool on her needles. 
PS - if you scroll down to this post, I've a giveaway of my tea towels.

Creative clouds and tea things....

This week's creative space has consisted of lots of screen printing and sewing. Market day tomorrow. Last minute rush again. But, actually, I love that - that's how I work. I do just wish that my mind would stop coming up with new ideas and designs that
Not right now, mind. 24hrs before the market. Come on!!

These pics aren't the best. I'm hoping to bribe my brother-in-law to do a little photo shoot for us in the next few weeks. Until then, you have our clothesline and backyard, with trampoline legs included!

New tea towels for the Red Seed Studio {clothes}line. 100% linen and hand screen printed by myself + whichever offsider was there on the day {Sam + the kids, oh those kids are super helpful with screen printing. And also my sister Sylv}.
There's pears and pots and clouds.
And then of course some Cumulus Clutches + Handbags. And a few other little things too.... Come along and see for yourself.

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