Creative clouds and tea things....

This week's creative space has consisted of lots of screen printing and sewing. Market day tomorrow. Last minute rush again. But, actually, I love that - that's how I work. I do just wish that my mind would stop coming up with new ideas and designs that
Not right now, mind. 24hrs before the market. Come on!!

These pics aren't the best. I'm hoping to bribe my brother-in-law to do a little photo shoot for us in the next few weeks. Until then, you have our clothesline and backyard, with trampoline legs included!

New tea towels for the Red Seed Studio {clothes}line. 100% linen and hand screen printed by myself + whichever offsider was there on the day {Sam + the kids, oh those kids are super helpful with screen printing. And also my sister Sylv}.
There's pears and pots and clouds.
And then of course some Cumulus Clutches + Handbags. And a few other little things too.... Come along and see for yourself.

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