lolly dolly {creative space}

I'm part of the entertainment, tonight, at a massive scrapbooking event.
The costumes are crazy and fun and like a little girls birthday party - but on high speed or something! 

I'm adding the finishing touches to my costume (it was given the seal of approval, last night, by the organiser).

A beautiful underskirt / petticoat borrowed from Sylv. It's so lush to wear so much tulle - oh, I do think I was meant to be born in a different era. {Mind you, I'm not sure I would have coped with the corsets or restrained feminist ideas}. A red + white striped silk dress, which I'm pulling up in ruffley bits so it shows off the most demure amount of tulle.

This morning I'm making fabric floral rosette bits to put onto the pinned up ruffles. I'll be wearing some in my hair, and around my neck as well. {This blue flowery hair piece was made by the always beautiful Nannette. I bought it from her last year at the Stitches + Craft Show - where I wish I'd bought one of her amazing cushions.....}

And my pink wedding shoes - so much fun to wear. But thankfully also quite comfortable. 

I'm thinking pink or purple tights underneath. Just for fun. Of course. 

Tonight is all about fun. 600 Scrapbookers. And a gang of Lolly Dolly entertaining girls all dressed up in craziness!

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