not for nothing

Sometimes I'm not here because there's not a lot to report.
But lately there's been too much happening to have time to think and compile. And I don't know where to start in all the telling.
So, this is just to let you know that I am still here, in this little blog corner of mine. I still like being here - and I visit here on my own sometimes.

There's lots and lots happening. Today I sewed something for a special project. Both the kids sewed something too. Mishi a lovely little bag, that we have to stitch some buttons onto as finishing details. Ari made an excellent belt, that he named a Thneed (yes, like in The Lorax). It can be worn as a belt (he planned it to tie around his dressing gown in the cold morning time), or a dashing scarf flung around your neck. Though mostly he's been wearing it as a Ninja headband - tied around his forehead. It is generally accompanied by silly dancing and crazy giggling; and when you think of that giggling, remember that he is missing both his front teeth!

I'm on that facebook place a lot more than I've ever been. All because of the Hey Maker! girls. 'Like us on facebook' - ha, that's the second time I've said that and it's not sounding too silly afterall..... There's lots of super good Hey Maker! happenings going on. Most of our talk is happening with kids around, and us trying to reign in our crazy dream ideas. But such good things that will happen. How wonderful to have met these people who dream the same dream as me. Isn't that just the bestest ever!

We're on school holidays here, and the week is pretty full. A visit to stay at my Grandma's house (have I told you she'll be 91 this year!), we'll finally go to see Arrietty at our local cinema (they have the best beanbags, which makes movie watching so much more comfy), and we'll see the snake man at the library. We might not get to visit our friends and their new alpacas - but that will happen soon I know.

What are you up to this week? Do tell.........

{ }

It's suddenly turned into a busy week around here. I'm tired and feeling a bit worn. But my brain is going into overload about all that I have to do in the coming weeks.

Why have I had six months of basically day-to-day quiet and nothing; and now everything at once. Yes, go on, tell me - that's the way life works. All or nothing, isn't that what they say.

This week we've ::
Visited the art gallery and sciencentre again;
Been to a (long) fun robot birthday party;
Worked at the studio - good quiet, productive days, with lots of important kid-free thinking time;
Learnt to ride with no training wheels (Ari, not me! He turns 6 in a few short weeks, and Sam has been spending all his spare helping Ari take the step to the big bike we're giving him for his birthday);
Been to the ballet (Sylv + me - was good, but not amazing. A long night. But very very lovely to be out with Sylv and have a bit of sister time - even if that includes making fun at all the other drivers in the parking station who can't drive, and are too important in their big black shiny cars to let people merge!);
Seen a movie (Sylv took the kids today, while I went to the studio and had some meetings. They really enjoyed it, and have talked half the evening about the silly funny storyline);
Finished a book (just in time for the movie to come out.... I quite liked it, and spent moments of today thinking I had a story to back to, then remembering I'd finished it. Sometimes I don't like ending a book - I like that part of being caught up in the story);
Ignored the washing and house tidying...... perhaps tomorrow I'll find just one moment or two to do a tiny spot of cleaning. I do think the school uniform is washed and dry for school on Monday, at least. Perhaps.....

These photos are from last week - when the house was tidy for more than one day. {Did you hear that - tidy for longer than one day....!!!}. One end is at our front door - with our shoe shelf, (one) fabric cupboard,  a book shelf with my smaller crafting books. And at least one or three bikes at any given time. The other end of the front room is a little play space for the kids - their kitchen , cafe + shop (computer + scales and other important things they use often.)

I hope you are all faring well. Enjoying your days or moments of sunshine. The smiles and laughter and tickles from your children. The quiet times of crafting or baking or thinking or being. xx

housekeeping {swap details + giveaway winner}

Just a bit of bloggy house-keeping I need to finalise. {You didn't think I meant real housekeeping, did you! Last week I cleaned up my desktop - my computer desktop, not my actual real office.... all those kids drawings and important documents are still sitting there waiting to be filed}.

I've sent an email out to everyone who requested to be part of my pin cushion swap. You still have time to join (until Wednesday) if you want. Just send me an email {}. If you have already contacted me about joining, but haven't yet received an email - please let me know, perhaps I had your details wrong.

It seems everyone is happy to go for two pincushion swappers - more fun packages in the post (come and going) I say! I'll have all the swap details emailed out to you by Thursday afternoon (depending on how the day goes).

Also, I've picked the winner for the Craft Hope book giveaway. There's so many wonderful ideas out there in the community about how to help our fellow human beings. It's so just amazing to be part of a group of thoughtful, sharing, generous and talented crafters / bloggers / people.

The winner is of the Craft Hope book is ...............

......... (is that enough anticipation...............)..................................................................................Allison!

{Allison, please email me your details so I can get the book + extra little things in the post to you. I know you'll have lots of fun with this great crafting-for-a-cause book.}

*just a few more of the out-take kid images from the photo shoot. 

a lovely day

Welcome Spring!

I've spent a very lovely day working in the studio with Nina. She's my studio buddy - such a nice thing to have. We work on our own, but beside each other. Doing our own thing, but chatting about what we're doing. {And she's being such an excellent and generous help for what I'm doing, as well..... so wonderful and greatly appreciated}. Wish I could spend more time at the studio, rather than the only two days a week I've been managing.

Do you know Nina's work? No - well, check out her website. My kids have some of her shirts, me too. And she just showed me the cutest little dress she's working on. Lots of lovely good things to come.
{window with the most amazing yellow fungi growing on it}

We'll be doing a bit of screen printing tomorrow (her stuff, and me printing a few things for the kids and birthday presents and things). We'll have Mishi as our helper - so hoping we get a decent amount done.
No studio photos yet. I'll try and remember my camera tomorrow. Some good screen printing action shots, or something like that. {Though in reality it normally never works too well, as I've got ink on my hands and am printing quickly before the ink dries. But well see.}

 {fairies live in here. see the whole tree here}

These are a few photos from Sam's phone, from at my dad's land. I love these trees (top image) - stark in the late Winter afternoon. The smaller one's a plum, which has some fresh new growth growing on it; the bigger one is a persimmon, which looks as glorious in it's Autumn colours as well. I don't really like the fruit, but I know Sam's mum does - and the beauty of the tree more than makes up for my dislike in it's taste.

where i am..... where i've been

My sister reminded me the other day that I hadn't been here for a while.
I do have a whole lot of posts written for you, but none of them flowed the way I wanted.
Things have been busy and slow, and noisy and quiet. All at the same time - well next to each other times, anyway.

Our December markets are over. And we don't currently have any booked in for January. But, we do have a shop to focus on getting set up, and opened. And that's taking time, and thought process, and energy.
We had a little set-back with one place that we had our eye on, but that ended up being for the best {things often are, aren't they?}, and now we think we've found our perfect little shop. Just need to do all that paperwork and logistics aspect of it.

The kids have started kindy now. We've waited and waited. And now I have three days each week, where I drive them there and pick them up, and have many many many hours in between for doing things.....
You know, things.
Well, yes okay - actually work is the number one thing - sewing and designing and writing business plans and keeping on top of paperwork and that sort of stuff.
But other things too. Lovely things, like shoe shopping with my sister. Let me tell you, I am way over due for a new pair of shoes! But, of course, fussy me - I didn't find any. Sylve got some cute Simple sneakers on sale - but my size was sold out.
But these ones are super cute, and I think I'll search them out. I'm not sure if I like them in Ruby Wine or Ensign Blue.

We did find some beautiful new dresses, that we simply had to take home. Veronika Maine is an Australian designer, and most of her pieces are crafted right here in Aust. The blue dress I tried on made both Sylve + me almost jump up and down. It just felt so perfectly perfect when I slipped it on. Blue cotton. I will have to photograph it for you, as the folded pleated detailing is the most stunning of any I have seen. I really do love the tucks, pleats and folds that is a signature of Veronika Maine's style. A classic, yet almost deconstructed and asymmetrical. Pieces that know your body.

So, what else. What else.
I have been doing a lot of thinking. About the closing of this year, and freshness of next year. And writing lists, and goals and plans, and hopes and dreams.

And I've been spending lovely time jumping on the trampoline with my children. My two creatures who astound me every day. {Yes, yes, and annoy me too}. Today we made spiced cookies for their kindy teachers. In the morning we will pack them up into little bundles. And Ari will write a note to tie onto each one. In his strong, confident writing. And we will talk about their teachers, and their new friends at kindy.
And we'll talk about Christmas too. And count how many days to go.
It's pretty low-key here - the whole Christmas thing. But, I do remember the thrill and excitement and anticipation I had as a child. I remember one year that Santa brought us toothbrushes, and a little dolly - set out at the end of our bed. And how each year our parents would say that it was only going to be a small Christmas this year, that there wouldn't be many gifts.
And each year, there was a special new book to read or CD that we'd jump up to put on and listen to. And a new dress - beautiful dresses my parents always choose us. And something else. And it felt like so much to us. Not because of the plastic and the quantity. But because of the time spent in the choosing of a perfect gift, and the thought put into the wrapping. And then the tradition in our family of lingering over unwrapping our presents. All so artistically wrapped, and placed under our little tree - a bonsai, or potted fig tree from the garden. With our little handmade angels hanging from the ceiling.

I do hope to be here again soon. In the meantime, I thank you all for your friendship, words and encouragement over the past year. Happy and peaceful wishes for the New Year.


My head is stuffed up with too many emotional thoughts at the moment. I cannot quite get things into perspective. Hopefully a night of sleeping on it will put things back into a better peace. Or maybe I'll have to let go, and accept that some things are lost.
All is okay, don't worry. Just some more of those friendship things I've been feeling of late, come to a bit of head. Have to get over the hump of talking things out and see if we can still be friends. I hope so, but am not sure.

Other things are filling my head, squeezing things out of my eyes and ears. Giving me crazy headaches and hot heads. Ari tells me that I should just tell the headache to, well in his words "shoot itself away". He's quite into shooting things at the moment, only in words. He really doesn't have much idea what he's saying, but it gets reaction from us all!

This is Ari's daily to-do list. "clean house; play; visit grandma; robot machine music; aoolqaom ooimorinim ooaaiom" .
I wish I could take Lori's advice and increase my personal white space . Just not happening at the moment. This week particularly has been so busy with different things. Working more hours than usual (two days for me and two days for Sam), and a new small business course two days a week for me.
We did have a wonderful morning meeting some new friends at a lovely park. So so so good to meet someone and be able to chat and have so much in common, and your children get on well. A sweet little boy, with such lovely manners, who takes in so much around him and talks to us all. Ahhhh, I can see many many fun moments spent with this mama and little one. And also many mama only outings for us grown ups. Sounds fun, hey!

Talking about Mama only outings. I have been getting out a bit more without the kids dragging off me. Apart form working where I finish at 8pm, and then bus home to (hopefully) in bed kids, I went out for dinner with some friends last weekend. Just me and them. Glorious. I can't wait to do it again.

So, a few other things are: I have joined this little swap, on a newly discovered blog. Go and have a look, sure to be fun. Even though I have so much work to be doing over the next 2-3 months, this is something that I want to be part of. It's a kid focused swap - and I know my two little ones will love to receive something for themselves. They are always complaining that they don't get anything. And believe me, the junk mail catalogues aren't good enough for discerning Ari. Though Mishi is quite happy with them.

I am still trying to compose my New Year's thoughts/resolutions. Starting to think it won't quite happen, so not stressing too much. A few little things I'm wanting are to do some more writing. I found this the other day, while I was cleaning up some old papers. Written in my diary while I as on my backpacking trip on my own. So, I'll let you know when I add more writings to my other blog :: lines on a page.
I really like Jade's idea of authenticity. And Anna's word of change. Apart from stop-procrastination, I also would like to try and be more conscious, more in the moment. Not always planning and thinking the next thing. very hard for me, and this year especially when I know that I want to achieve so much professionally with Red Seed Studio, and personally especially working towards a new house.
What are your new year thoughts and resolutions and words??

I have some exciting news, but I'll leave that for a post all of it's own. It's the reason I have so much work ahead of me in the next many months.
Also, I have a giveaway planned, maybe this weekend or next week sometime. So check back.
Good night friends. Take care.


hello new year, when did you get here.....
I've slipped into this new year a little too quickly, haven't we all? It's been a tumble-bumble these past few weeks and days, of doing nothing and everything.
I just wanted to check in and say hi to you all. It seems an age since last I was here. (Though I've been all over blog-land and enjoying everyone's last year wrap-ups, and new year beginnings).
Things are good here, and so many ventures planned for this year. A busy, yet exciting year. I'll tell you more soon. For now, a few photos of our past few days/weeks.Our little tree, on Christmas day. We redecorated it - the simple handmade angels instead of the bright lights. (I'm still sad that we neglected last year's tree....).Jumping on Christmas Day. Ari's new outfit is: pants I sewed from some fun Japanese mushroom fabric, and this oh-so-sweet t-shirt. Ash was wearing lovely new linen trousers and a little singlet (I think Sylve got them from Seed - which sometimes has some beautifully Australian-made pieces).
The glorious last sunlight of 2008. We went and sat up on the hill, with a picnic and waited (and waited and waited) for the 8.30pm fireworks. After which we put the kids to bed, and then fell asleep on the couch before the mid-night fireworks could be heard popping outside.
An exciting, entertaining and (could it be) educational time at the Sciencentre. I really enjoyed watching the boys - Ash especially - putting the coloured blocks into repeating patterns, and discovering what shapes could make up other shapes. And doing that broken-colour dance! As well as the giant table so that adults can experience what it's like being a little kid at the big table!
Then later we adults were treated to a fashion parade and a rock concert.

in which I make a feeble excuse at my absence, and send you all around the place...

It would have cost us $42 to ride the Ferris Wheel, so we just watched from the ground. (Photos taken on Sam's phone camera. Also, I'm on Sam's Mac - photos are sideways and I don't know much about Mac stuff. Sideways doesn't seem too bad for these images. Just click on image to view it right way round).
:: Computer + internet issues have kept me away. And then, just life stuff. (I like the way Anna describes it here).
:: Currently loving Abby try again. Check out her beautiful, nostalgic, emotional photography. Sure to give your day a different perspective, and a bit of peace.
:: Lots of little things simmering away here. Bits of sewing, and planning, endless talking about the same things we want to achieve.
:: Ari's party is big talk here, he rings Grandma and talks about the cake and the food over and over.
:: Sam and I sat down today, over coffee, while Mishi slept. To chat about some upcoming *important* planning. And Ari chimed in saying that we needed it to be more "designery." So, I suppose he really should be part of our chats more often, maybe we'll get him to take notes, or do the brain storming.
:: I also just came upon this very stylish family and these shoes. (Via 2 or 3 things I know).
:: And this lovely place (where the exchange rate is a little nicer to us Aussie's). Felt. (Via tinyhappy).

Talk soon. Take care. E xx

being drafted

I have been going through all my old drafted blogs entries. The ones that I didn't finish - either by running out of time, or ideas, or.... That's often the way I think, anyway, in snippets. I write in unfinished sentences. I feel that maybe this is because I form my sentences quicker than I can process the entire idea. And then, sometimes, by the time I'm at the end of a sentence or paragraph I'm not sure I still agree or believe where I started. Or often-times it's becuase I find that I've started rambling too much, and gone on and on and on. And just as often, I'll be called away half-way through writing (a woken baby, or crying child) and won't be able to return to finish the writing.

I've decided to make these posts 'published' rather than just sitting there in draft-land. This blog is a diary of sorts, for me, my children. It's a record of them as a baby, toddler, child, kid, youth. I don't have hand-written journals for them, and my photoalbum skills aren't up to scratch. This blog is it, at the moment. And as I look back on my previous writing and photos, I'm noticing that it really is my family that I'm looking at and reading about. I like that :: somehow, through this experimental writing, for me, I'm being truthful and accurate and honest - in who I am.

So, if you're interested in looking at these previous "unpublised writings" follow these links ::

Friday 22nd June :: Monday 2nd July :: Wednesday 4th July :: Thursday 12th July :: Tuesday 17th July :: Wednesday 25th July :: Saturday 18th August :: Wednesday 22nd August :: Monday 3rd September :: Saturday 15th September :: Saturday 3rd November :: Monday 19th November ::

before the fireworks

We are (planning) on going to Southbank tonight, to watch the fireworks with Sam's family. A lovely way to see off this spectacular, evolving and tiring year. And to welcome in the possibilities of new beginnings and hopes and wishes and dreams. The rainy weather might wash out the excitement of standing watching smoke, gunpowder, colour erupt up into the atmosphere.
So, on the eve of the new year I have been wanting to write a little round up, a wrapping up of this year. And possibly a few little hopes for the coming one.
It has been one of my most intense years - emotional, tiring, exhilarating, steepest learning curve, loving, caring, growing, growing, growing. I have had the privilege, the pleasure, the luck to be with, watch, listen, feel my babies grow and learn - and to teach me so much more than ever I could teach them. And, on occasions I think I have stopped to take notice and actually learn what they are trying to show me.
Also, I feel that so many of the other relationships in my life have expanded and been so nourishing this year. Sam and I continue to go from strength to strength. Being parents together is one of the most wonderful things that two people can experience. I know that I am blessed to be sharing this with someone so intensely amazing, thoughtful, caring, loving as Sam is (always has been, so I know he always will be). This has probably been near to one of our hardest (definitely most tiring) years, and we have climbed through it together - as a team.
My two sisters have been wonderful companions and helpers these past few years. This year, I feel, we have all developed a truer depth together. A deeper love, understanding, appreciation. And my Dad, I don't talk about him very much in this blog. Well, he probably is one of the most amazing men I will ever know. He is so deeply embedded into who I am, how I am, how I feel, think, act :: want to act, feel, think, know, do.... He is an inspiration for me, a motivation for me. My brother, sadly, I haven't had the same chance to grow and connect with further. I really wish he had more time, yet he works so much, driving for work or to collect/drop off his son for his fortnightly visits. I too, don't take enough time to be with my brother at his house, on his time. When we are together it is simple and easy and fun and wonderful.
One other person who I feel I have grown more with, understood more, loved more, enjoyed more :: ME. This, out of most years, I think has been a year of intense growth and learning and stopping and just being. And loving that just being, the letting go of so many things. Stopping having so many expectations of myself or those around me.
And, onto a few things that I have been mulling over. Hopes for our new year, our family, for myself. I really don't like new year's resolutions, basically because I very rarely end up keeping them. Yet, still I form ideas and try and simplify these to something that I could possibly keep to. So, this year no :: exercise more, eat less chocolate, be tidier...blah blah blah.
This year :: let myself go more, stop more, enjoy more, just be. This year, I would love to sew more, learn to knit, possibly crochet. Take more time for myself in these productive, yet simple ways. Also, long have I been thinking about the possibilities of starting some form of my own business. I aim to really sit and think and plan and formulate and then, actually put into practice, something for me. Mainly so I don't have to go back to work outside the home. So I can work from home and be with my children, while they grow and I grow.
Also, the thing of moving house is getting so intense in my whole soul. I / we need to have a bit more space for being and thinking and doing and growing. We currently live in a teeny two bedroom house, with a scrappy outdoor area. Yes, the city has lots of great parks - but we would love a garden for some homegrown veges, fruits, fun.
So, a few simple things / wishes for the coming year. I see that these are achievable, in as much as I really actually want to do :: be these. Hmmmm, a cleaner house would be lovely too!