not for nothing

Sometimes I'm not here because there's not a lot to report.
But lately there's been too much happening to have time to think and compile. And I don't know where to start in all the telling.
So, this is just to let you know that I am still here, in this little blog corner of mine. I still like being here - and I visit here on my own sometimes.

There's lots and lots happening. Today I sewed something for a special project. Both the kids sewed something too. Mishi a lovely little bag, that we have to stitch some buttons onto as finishing details. Ari made an excellent belt, that he named a Thneed (yes, like in The Lorax). It can be worn as a belt (he planned it to tie around his dressing gown in the cold morning time), or a dashing scarf flung around your neck. Though mostly he's been wearing it as a Ninja headband - tied around his forehead. It is generally accompanied by silly dancing and crazy giggling; and when you think of that giggling, remember that he is missing both his front teeth!

I'm on that facebook place a lot more than I've ever been. All because of the Hey Maker! girls. 'Like us on facebook' - ha, that's the second time I've said that and it's not sounding too silly afterall..... There's lots of super good Hey Maker! happenings going on. Most of our talk is happening with kids around, and us trying to reign in our crazy dream ideas. But such good things that will happen. How wonderful to have met these people who dream the same dream as me. Isn't that just the bestest ever!

We're on school holidays here, and the week is pretty full. A visit to stay at my Grandma's house (have I told you she'll be 91 this year!), we'll finally go to see Arrietty at our local cinema (they have the best beanbags, which makes movie watching so much more comfy), and we'll see the snake man at the library. We might not get to visit our friends and their new alpacas - but that will happen soon I know.

What are you up to this week? Do tell.........