oh yeah - ummm, we made a real shop

So, yep. This is real. A real shop opened and running. Customers and products and selling and talking and connecting. All real.

It's the Hey Maker! Workroom + Shop.
I am seriously super proud of all that we've done to get to this. It's beautiful and wonderful and lovely and good and.... oh so many other words like that.

So - with big big BIG thanks to all all helped (especially my husband who did lots of setting up in the days before, but mainly putting up with my fits of madness!).

Come and check it out for yourself. We're in Murwillumbah, on the corner of Commercial Road and Proudfoots Lane. You'll see the yarn bombing in the trees and signpost outside.

Ok - over and out for today.
It's hot here. And dry. So so dry.

{*very top left image, of our shop, is by Megan from The Byron Life, used with kind thanks. All other images by me}.

Hey Maker - a little dream gone big!

So, you may have seen me hopping all over the place as part of this wonderful collective. A group of 5 of us who like to make things and connect and gather. We like to share skills and learn new crafts and have fun while doing so.
We like to share with other creative people, and with people in our community. We've done pop up events over the past 6 months and so enjoyed it all (though it's been hectic and busy, but wonderful and inspiring).

We recently launched a fund raising campaign on Pozible. It's called crowd-sourcing. We think it's a good thing - asking for a little bit from a lot of people, rather than a lot from one person (or from a bank). Crowd funding (sourcing) has helped many bands launch themselves, as well as movies (this one is particularly interesting - I went to the launch a few years ago), and yarny goodness (who raised almost $40,000 on Pozible!!).

So - our dream? Well, I've spoken many times about my dream of opening a shop space, where creatives gather and collaborate, where artist-in-residence programs bring more interesting people to our community, where local creatives can sell their handcrafted wares intermingled with beautiful treasures from other places (here I'm thinking Japanese ceramics, washi tape, and fabric - oh yes fabric. Do you know there's no fabric shop in the town I live in!!!). It will be an inspiring space to hang out, to soak up some making and creating vibes, to twist some yarn into a scarf or print some fabric or sew a piece of something to wear, or talk and learn and share.
That's our dream. It's a pretty big dream. And will take a lot and a while to get it happening. It's a slow journey, a slow process. But slow and steady is good isn't it.

Now, I'm asking for your help. Yep, you! It doesn't matter if you live around the corner, or across the ocean. Our fundraising campaign is online, and you can make a donation to help us on our way. We have wonderful rewards as thanks for your donation - check them out on our Pozible site.
Our campaign works as an all or nothing fund raising. This mean that if we don't reach our goal, we don't any money at all (your money doesn't leave your account until we have reached our goal).

We are asking only $11,700 which isn't a lot to start out dream. With your (financial) support and our passion and hard working efforts we'll be able to launch our dream.

Part of our aim is to change the perception of art, handcrafted and artisans in our area. And to encourage more people to visit our small, but beautiful art-deco town. To revive a slow-economic town is a big goal - but we know we can do it with the support and assistance of our community (both online and in real).

Check out our Hey Maker blog if you want to read a bit more about what we've been doing, and watch our Facebook page too (we currently have a giveaway happening over there).

So, what do you think? I'd love to hear you thoughts on our little dream space. 

E xxxxx


we are on school holidays.
i want to fill the coming days with good things and exploring and enjoyment and sharing time together.
i want the days to be happy and content and good.
we are going to go to the beach with some friends. i know that will be so much fun. i know we'll run and jump and stand and watch and enjoy. we might sit by the water and eat hot chips and watch the clouds move and the birds fly and the children giggle. i know there will be a whole lot of giggling with those kids.

wouldn't it be nice to paint some sticks. or put some wool around some. i would like to do that next week. i'm sure the kids would love to do that too.
and maybe some fabric bundles will be rolled into jars of coloured water. i am loving this book, and wishing for more time to curl up and read it. (in fact, i have a "couple" of new books that i wish i had more time with; reviews might happen over the next few weeks, as they are all so delicious).
there's lots of projects brewing in my head. but for now i'm trying to stay right now and breathe and enjoy where i am.

yellow is good and happy right now. the sky has been sunshiney, with some rain. but cold and the sun seems fleeting - setting too quickly in the afternoon. i do like Winter, but i prefer Spring or Autumn more. we passed the middle and are swinging back towards to warm and long days.

Good things that I am liking::
:: i bought and received a scarf full of sunshine. you can find one for yourself in Cozy Memories. (i will photograph my scarf in the next couple of days and share with you, it is pure joy to see it sparkle).
:: i really am loving all the stories shared on longest acres. what a wonderful warm and honest blog. go visit. 
:: Fig and Fauna - oh what a place of sunshine and delicious tastings....
:: while in Brisbane i did not go for cocktails, but i did buy a new dress. and i am loving wearing it. so easy to put on, and it feels so good, and i've been told it looks good.
:: i have been making pompoms for pledges. go visit Hey Maker. it's good things. {hey - we need your help, too!!!}

 *yellow images all found here. pompoms are from my instagram feed.

connected / connections

I am loving and soaking up everything that's happening for my path right now. Letting things evolve and happen and trying really hard to not put emotional energy into bad things, or invest too much into the outcome. It's about the journey. 
And about the daily connections. 

Yesterday really brought it home for me. I spent the morning taking photos with my Hey Maker girls, and chatting about mothering, daughters, child changes. Laughing and sharing mothering help, advice, comfort, and cups of tea and simple avocado on rice thins. 

Then I went for a coffee and yummy lunch wrap in town. All on my own, with my new book (more about that later - so delicious). I barely got to open my book. Moments after my coffee arrived, my neighbour / friend walked in the door. She sat and had her lunch and coffee with me - normally we chat at the bus stop, or school gate, and run off again. 

Then a short time later another up-the-road neighbour (who also happens to be the kids' modern dance teacher, and lives in a converted church) and her friend walked in for coffee. During that chat I discovered that her friend is actually the mum of one of Ari's school friends. The friend he's been asking to visit for the past year; and I've been saying I don't know his parents. 

And then, you wouldn't guess it, but my friend Jo walked in to buy some ground coffee. And while I'd only seen Jo at our Hey Maker meeting hours before, we still had lots to talk about. 

I know I live in a small town, but it's not that small. I guess when you hang out at the best coffee shop in town, where the hostess knows everyone's name (except that group of people who had just climbed Mount Warning, but we know their names now).

How good to have that nice warm coffee shop connection. I walked away afterwards with tears pricking at my eyes - for the good, solid, warm feeling of the connections that have been made since moving back 'home'. It made me think of my mum; and how we couldn't walk down the street without her stopping to endlessly chat to another person who she knew, who she connected with.

*I heard an interesting program on the radio on Sunday, about the i-Disorder: the psychology of technology. And I wonder if it's true, perhaps to some extent; but I think I feel good and real connections with people who I've "met" online as well.

*I love that these flowers, which were on the table at Modern Grocer coffee shop/deli yesterday, were brought in by a customer. Just another reason why living in a small, local, lovey town is a wonderful thing!

pinwheels & sticks at World Environment Day

This Sunday we'll be having lots of fun (and hoping for the sunshine) at the wonderful World Environment Day Festival in our local town.

Us Hey Makers have been asked to present not one but two fun arty - making - crafty type activities. With all things recycled and natural and collected and gathered, we'll be there with supplies to make sweet little pinwheels. Come along and add them to the 'windfarm'! Of course, it's a silly and fun little statement on wind power.

We'll also have a pile of beautiful sticks gathered and collected from our forest floors. Dan and Justin will be on hand to help you with the making of a community art expression of space and linear viewpoints. I really can't wait to see how this evolves throughout the day with people adding their stick or twig or branch here and there across the park area.

Please come along, if you're local or even a short drive away. The whole day is a much needed fundraiser for our local Environment shop - The Caldera Environment Centre. This is the longest running, constantly opened, volunteer run environment centre in Australia. They celebrated their 21st Birthday last year. I think that's an amazing testament to the spirit and dedication of people in Caldera.

Full details can be found here. Come and say hi, won't you. {We'll also have our badge making machine, and some of our market stock for your to look at - lots on sale as well}.

not for nothing

Sometimes I'm not here because there's not a lot to report.
But lately there's been too much happening to have time to think and compile. And I don't know where to start in all the telling.
So, this is just to let you know that I am still here, in this little blog corner of mine. I still like being here - and I visit here on my own sometimes.

There's lots and lots happening. Today I sewed something for a special project. Both the kids sewed something too. Mishi a lovely little bag, that we have to stitch some buttons onto as finishing details. Ari made an excellent belt, that he named a Thneed (yes, like in The Lorax). It can be worn as a belt (he planned it to tie around his dressing gown in the cold morning time), or a dashing scarf flung around your neck. Though mostly he's been wearing it as a Ninja headband - tied around his forehead. It is generally accompanied by silly dancing and crazy giggling; and when you think of that giggling, remember that he is missing both his front teeth!

I'm on that facebook place a lot more than I've ever been. All because of the Hey Maker! girls. 'Like us on facebook' - ha, that's the second time I've said that and it's not sounding too silly afterall..... There's lots of super good Hey Maker! happenings going on. Most of our talk is happening with kids around, and us trying to reign in our crazy dream ideas. But such good things that will happen. How wonderful to have met these people who dream the same dream as me. Isn't that just the bestest ever!

We're on school holidays here, and the week is pretty full. A visit to stay at my Grandma's house (have I told you she'll be 91 this year!), we'll finally go to see Arrietty at our local cinema (they have the best beanbags, which makes movie watching so much more comfy), and we'll see the snake man at the library. We might not get to visit our friends and their new alpacas - but that will happen soon I know.

What are you up to this week? Do tell.........

hey maker!

So, in my *spare time* lately I've been meeting with some really wonderful, creative, inspiring, energy-uplifting women. We've been talking all manner of good things. 

I could draw this out, you know I'm good at that! Instead, I'm going to jump in and give you the facts. 

We've started a fun, important, lots-of-great-future-ideas creative collective called Hey Maker! My making cohorts are Belinda Smith, Jo Olive & Kathy Egan. Between our own individual businesses, babies, gaggles of small children, and general life we've chatted out some excellent ideas and aims for our little collective. We're gonna be big!

We first got together in response to our town needing a big injection to boost the economy. Sadly there are many empty shops in our small town, and lots of people do not shop local (boo to them!). We live in a beautiful town, in a stunning part of the world. Unfortunately there isn't much respect for the artists and creatives who live here - it feels a little like a hidden resource; despite having one of the top regional galleries in Australia, right in our town!

Our first event is to be a fun, and hopefully messy, pop up gathering. We'll be hosting Potato Print Pop Up in a great space that once upon a time was a laundromat and is now a funky landscape architecture's office.

If you're interested to know more, or even to get involved, check out the Hey Maker! Creative Collective blog or facebook page. We'll be adding more info over the coming weeks. This is a fun, yet important project. We plan on renewing Murwillumbah, just like many towns across Australia have had to renew. If you live nearby come along and help out - have some fun, add to our art installation, and show our town we care!
Check out this lovely little piece in the local news. We've been media famous this week!

**sorry the images are a bit fuzzy; I've had to make them smaller resolution, just so my stupid live internet can upload. For some reason Telstra thinks we're in the middle of no-where and hence gives bad internet coverage.