oh yeah - ummm, we made a real shop

So, yep. This is real. A real shop opened and running. Customers and products and selling and talking and connecting. All real.

It's the Hey Maker! Workroom + Shop.
I am seriously super proud of all that we've done to get to this. It's beautiful and wonderful and lovely and good and.... oh so many other words like that.

So - with big big BIG thanks to all all helped (especially my husband who did lots of setting up in the days before, but mainly putting up with my fits of madness!).

Come and check it out for yourself. We're in Murwillumbah, on the corner of Commercial Road and Proudfoots Lane. You'll see the yarn bombing in the trees and signpost outside.

Ok - over and out for today.
It's hot here. And dry. So so dry.

{*very top left image, of our shop, is by Megan from The Byron Life, used with kind thanks. All other images by me}.