still here ::

I'm still here, sort of. 
Actually, mostly I'm over here (though in real, not online). The in real is taking up a lot of time, energy, emotion, thought, sleep, creative space. A lot of everything. But it's all for good.

Our Hey Maker! Workroom + Retail Shop opened up this week. I can't believe how excited I am about it. And how happy it makes me feel being in the space. It's such a beautiful shop, and we've been lucky to gather some amazing handcrafted pieces from people we know and people we've just met. It's just so good. 

These images are from some plant dyeing I've been doing. Mulberry makes the most delicious stain on fabric, and I'm keeping it there.

I'll have photos of our Hey Maker! shop soon. The new iphone update ate ALL.MY.PHOTOS. currently I sort of kind of lots hate apple for that. I've spent the past week trying to get the photos on my computer, with error messages coming up, so I figured it meant I should really update. Well. I'm not sure what I did wrong. But all my 4000+ photos are gone, some are saved in my computer. And I'm so thankful for Instagram, as I have some there too. But some are simply now. 

A lesson in impermanence. I'll try to remember that this week. 

It's raining. Off to bed now. I love going to sleep with rain falling on our tin roof. 

How are you my friends? I'm missing you. What have you been up to?