stitching blue

I am still enjoying working and playing with blues.
Blue on white.
Blue on black hemp - oh the texture still gets me, love it so.
I'm about to start on some natural linen and see where that takes me.

Wouldn't it be lovely to turn those dried shriveled pansies into a dye colour. Alas I think it wouldn't keep or stay too long on fabric. Wonderful for looking at and enjoying as is.

I'm also working with my blue/purple plant dyed yarn. So much of it still left; though I have more to dye in the coming weeks. {I am considering having it available at my upcoming market stalls, what do you think about that?}.

When I shared this white piece on Instagram (are on over there? I'm @petalplum if you want to follow), I was thinking about the braille pieces on Lisa Solomon's musings page. Oh I do love the way she leaves her thread tails hanging; good for an artwork, not so practical for the end uses I plan for these stitched pieces. I'll cut them off eventually, but am enjoying looking and playing with them for now.

*please excuse the wonky look of the blog. I am trying to find spare moments to update and change it, along with working on the Hey Maker! blog and new Big Cartel page.