we are on school holidays.
i want to fill the coming days with good things and exploring and enjoyment and sharing time together.
i want the days to be happy and content and good.
we are going to go to the beach with some friends. i know that will be so much fun. i know we'll run and jump and stand and watch and enjoy. we might sit by the water and eat hot chips and watch the clouds move and the birds fly and the children giggle. i know there will be a whole lot of giggling with those kids.

wouldn't it be nice to paint some sticks. or put some wool around some. i would like to do that next week. i'm sure the kids would love to do that too.
and maybe some fabric bundles will be rolled into jars of coloured water. i am loving this book, and wishing for more time to curl up and read it. (in fact, i have a "couple" of new books that i wish i had more time with; reviews might happen over the next few weeks, as they are all so delicious).
there's lots of projects brewing in my head. but for now i'm trying to stay right now and breathe and enjoy where i am.

yellow is good and happy right now. the sky has been sunshiney, with some rain. but cold and the sun seems fleeting - setting too quickly in the afternoon. i do like Winter, but i prefer Spring or Autumn more. we passed the middle and are swinging back towards to warm and long days.

Good things that I am liking::
:: i bought and received a scarf full of sunshine. you can find one for yourself in Cozy Memories. (i will photograph my scarf in the next couple of days and share with you, it is pure joy to see it sparkle).
:: i really am loving all the stories shared on longest acres. what a wonderful warm and honest blog. go visit. 
:: Fig and Fauna - oh what a place of sunshine and delicious tastings....
:: while in Brisbane i did not go for cocktails, but i did buy a new dress. and i am loving wearing it. so easy to put on, and it feels so good, and i've been told it looks good.
:: i have been making pompoms for pledges. go visit Hey Maker. it's good things. {hey - we need your help, too!!!}

 *yellow images all found here. pompoms are from my instagram feed.