hey maker!

So, in my *spare time* lately I've been meeting with some really wonderful, creative, inspiring, energy-uplifting women. We've been talking all manner of good things. 

I could draw this out, you know I'm good at that! Instead, I'm going to jump in and give you the facts. 

We've started a fun, important, lots-of-great-future-ideas creative collective called Hey Maker! My making cohorts are Belinda Smith, Jo Olive & Kathy Egan. Between our own individual businesses, babies, gaggles of small children, and general life we've chatted out some excellent ideas and aims for our little collective. We're gonna be big!

We first got together in response to our town needing a big injection to boost the economy. Sadly there are many empty shops in our small town, and lots of people do not shop local (boo to them!). We live in a beautiful town, in a stunning part of the world. Unfortunately there isn't much respect for the artists and creatives who live here - it feels a little like a hidden resource; despite having one of the top regional galleries in Australia, right in our town!

Our first event is to be a fun, and hopefully messy, pop up gathering. We'll be hosting Potato Print Pop Up in a great space that once upon a time was a laundromat and is now a funky landscape architecture's office.

If you're interested to know more, or even to get involved, check out the Hey Maker! Creative Collective blog or facebook page. We'll be adding more info over the coming weeks. This is a fun, yet important project. We plan on renewing Murwillumbah, just like many towns across Australia have had to renew. If you live nearby come along and help out - have some fun, add to our art installation, and show our town we care!
Check out this lovely little piece in the local news. We've been media famous this week!

**sorry the images are a bit fuzzy; I've had to make them smaller resolution, just so my stupid live internet can upload. For some reason Telstra thinks we're in the middle of no-where and hence gives bad internet coverage.