just three things

there is an endless list of things to do. not an actual list. but the list of wants.....
like all the books you ever want to read - well that's never going to happen is it.
and, i have to realise, i'm never going to see all the instagram images that come through my feed.
or read all the blog posts or see all the beautiful pinned images on pinterest.

and there's many many more wants. like where to visit. what countries. what far vast adventures to go on. or adventures around the corner. everyday there's things i missed out on.

so. instead of having this endless list and feeling like i'm always behind. or that i'm never going get there.do that.read this.eat this.... well - i decided that i'm going to set just three things. (of course, i'll probably expand it to mean just three things for that particular medium, or three more things that relate to that, but i think that's ok too).

here's my three creatives things i want to do/learn this year ::
:: really and actually make a quilt. maybe it will even have hand quilting on it. maybe it won't. my boy really wants me to make one for me. i'm collecting blues and indigos, but i think i need to collect more actively so that i can start making. it's coming on winter here - i really should get it made before the cold cold. care to swap me some deep blues fabric for ....... well, what. what would you swap for?
:: i want to do some proper plant dyeing. i've been loving the solar dyeing i'm doing in glass jars sitting in the sunshine. but i want to get focused on doing more and more and more. lots of little bits is good. maybe one big bit too. with some friends too - wouldn't that be lovely. an indigo dye pot. oh yes. that's what i want.
:: learn to knit. i have the most delicious knitting book i got last year. i do really want to make myself a coat or a jumper or just something from it. knitting is so different to crochet - more versatile. i think. anyway. i want (re)learn to knit. maybe i'll even make something with my own plant dyed yarn. for next winter - i know my limitations!

what are your three things? they could be for just right now, you can change your mind......