reminder to self

have fun and do these things. this week. and breathe.
+ make some bundles of fabric and leaves and flowers and put them in a dye pot. do it. and then wait a week and see what comes out.
+ crochet some little socklet foot things for myself. to keep my feetsies warm on the cold mornings.
+ finish the t-shirt crochet rug for our kitchen floor. maybe start one for Mishi in her play corner
+ plant some new flowers. just because
+ write in my journal.
+ do a drawing, maybe some watercolour painting
+ take some photos
+ go for a walk. maybe in the morning. maybe in the afternoon. maybe with the kids. maybe by myself.
+ sit by the fire with my man and just chat.
+ crochet some more beach or creek rocks. because i like doing that!

that sounds like a good and lovely full week, doesn't it. what will you be doing this week?