a lovely day

Welcome Spring!

I've spent a very lovely day working in the studio with Nina. She's my studio buddy - such a nice thing to have. We work on our own, but beside each other. Doing our own thing, but chatting about what we're doing. {And she's being such an excellent and generous help for what I'm doing, as well..... so wonderful and greatly appreciated}. Wish I could spend more time at the studio, rather than the only two days a week I've been managing.

Do you know Nina's work? No - well, check out her website. My kids have some of her shirts, me too. And she just showed me the cutest little dress she's working on. Lots of lovely good things to come.
{window with the most amazing yellow fungi growing on it}

We'll be doing a bit of screen printing tomorrow (her stuff, and me printing a few things for the kids and birthday presents and things). We'll have Mishi as our helper - so hoping we get a decent amount done.
No studio photos yet. I'll try and remember my camera tomorrow. Some good screen printing action shots, or something like that. {Though in reality it normally never works too well, as I've got ink on my hands and am printing quickly before the ink dries. But well see.}

 {fairies live in here. see the whole tree here}

These are a few photos from Sam's phone, from at my dad's land. I love these trees (top image) - stark in the late Winter afternoon. The smaller one's a plum, which has some fresh new growth growing on it; the bigger one is a persimmon, which looks as glorious in it's Autumn colours as well. I don't really like the fruit, but I know Sam's mum does - and the beauty of the tree more than makes up for my dislike in it's taste.