it feels like monday

but it's really tuesday.

we spent a night at my dad's house, and came home late-ish yesterday afternoon. and i missed yesterday's studio work day.

we walked around the land and chatted and dreamed. and drew pictures, diagrams on the back of envelopes of how our house would / could be.

we talked plans for making sheds {for Sam's car + all the bicycles + all the junk one ends up owning + a smallish skateboard ramp}.

building materials and time frames and possibilites. and what the kitchen could look like, and how the bathroom would be.

i got up early-ish (it's still late Winter after all, so not too early) and watched the way the sun rose over the trees. and saw two wallabies hopping through the paddock. and picked citrus from the trees.

my dad picked perfect white blossoms (which Sam photographed on his phone, and i'll show you another day).

the kids and i walked up the hill. we saw mushrooms and moss and the king and queen of trees. and listened to the birds calling and talking. they saw forest fairies - but i wasn't quick enough to see the magical spots of fairy light.

we came home tired and happy. with lots to talk about and plan and decide.

in six months we will be in a new home, living with the forest fairies (and goannas and birds and mosquitoes). and my kids will become the bush kids that we were........

 *all these photos were taken on Ari's camera (which automatically uses it's flash at times of low-light). but i'm enjoying letting him take the photos, and me not having to carry around my bigger camera.
** he took that moss to school today - with much excitement and pleasure; carrying it in a container with a bit of water and showing all his classmates. so good to see.