happenings....and an Announcement

I don't want to spend ages telling you how sorry I am for not being here. Do I say this every time?? I'm not here. That's it. I'm being where I need to be, and mostly for the past month or more that's been on the couch or in bed!

So, how are you? Hope you're all well and happy and things are adventuress (in a quiet way maybe?). 

Want to hear my big adventures? WELL well. 
oh hey!

We're having a baby. Shall I say that again, in case you didn't quite believe me -


I'm not being so good at keeping this a secret. Except I just haven't been here to tell you all yet. I've been wanting to. But mostly I've been lying in bed feeling sick and sorry for myself, and ever so tired tired tired. 

No pretty pictures to show you about the baby. It's only just barely 12weeks big so far. 

So, anyway. I popped in to tell my happenings. 

Hope your happenings have been lovely too. 

There's lots and lots of other happenings around here. House building is going well, and we may be in our new space soon soon soon! It's almost barely hard to think about in case it doesn't come as soon as we want. And there's lots of upcoming events - such as markets and also talks and special events where I've been invited to be the guest speaker (Little bit scary and such, but ever so wonderful to be invited to all these special gatherings where people want to hear about me!). I'll talk more on this later, closer to the time. 

Have a lovely lovely week sweet ones. As ever you can follow me along here, on my Instagram, I am there almost every day. If you don't have the app on your phone, you can follow it here online.

rosey garlands // rosey cheeks //

Last weekend we made some garlands with the petals from our roses. The roses were nearing the end of their blooming beauty, and some had begun to let their petals tumble onto our table. We thought this would be a great way of remembering the velvety roses and having some fun as well. 

The garlands themselves were very simply stitched with a needle gently through each petal, and threaded onto some variegated embroidery thread we had. The kids decided that they wanted head garlands as well as one necklace for Ari - it matched his t-shirt better!

What fun they had in the garden. Running and giggling and being silly. They do love posing and playing up for the camera. And with lush green grass and vibrant colours as the background I just snapped and snapped as they kept on posing and moving and giggling and finding new props. I'm so glad our beautiful cat Lou-Lou made it into the photos too - even though he wasn't the most willing model. 

Tomorrow is Mother's Day. I think these photos perfectly sum up what I wish and hope my Mother's Day to be. My beautiful babies enjoying living in the same place that my beautiful mama (and dad) raised me and my siblings. Exploring and discovering treasures in our forest. Sitting still and watching little birds with fascination and joy. Running and laughing and being children. And all the while making this mama's heart sing through the pure joy they are experiencing. 

Oh yes. So it is. Happy Mother's Day to all you Mamas out there. 
{and extra big hugs to all those of you who are missing your mama today}. 

E xxxx

on making art

Last Thursday I was asked by two separate people how my art making was going. 
Exactly that "how's your art making going?".
To both I responded what particular art making are you wanting to know about?

While I know they were both being polite and wanted to say "how's things" in a more personal manner, and neither of them know me really well so perhaps forgot what my art making particularly was (umm - what is it again??!!); I thought it strange. And it's sent me off on tangents of art making thinking. 

What is art making?
What does it mean to me? What does it mean to you?
Is every day living art?
Do my children make art?
Can I make art with my children hovering around me...!?

Ah-ha there's what I'm probably most curious about solving at the moment. That last one. 

But firstly. Art making? Really we all know it's a totally personal and subjective thing. That art thing. Making art. Experiencing art. Exploring art. 

What is art?! 

I think that making a cup of tea is art (and in some countries is a complete art - think of a Japanese tea ceremony). Cooking dinner is art, or setting the lunch table for friends. Writing a letter to a loved one. Digging in your garden, planning and then planting new beginnings of art and beauty. Tidying up your home - straighten the shelves, arranging flowers in a jar. Brushing up your hair into a knot on top of your head. Getting dressed in the morning. Reading stories with your children. Having a conversation.
All of these things can be art. Can be expressed in an artful manner. Can be considered or thrown together, with some semblance of creativity and "art". I think there's an art to walking through our days and experiencing only the beauty and joy. 

It's true I haven't done any screen printing all year, or any drawing or painting for months, or any crochet for the past week. Instead I have spent time my days enjoying the sunshine glowing through the flower water (and documenting). I have planted lettuces with my children. I have read stories every night. I have folded snippets of fabric. I have washed up, and then stack the clean dishes away in the cupboard. I have put the clothes away in the drawer, in neat and beautiful piles. I have read about Pluto and the Moon, and talked about verbs and adjectives with my children at our home-school table.

Each day I am living an artful life.
How about you?
How's your art making going?


This; Today

This morning we woke up in the dark, and warmed the chai to go into the thermos.
We drove along with our high beams on, wondering if we'd see any foxes along the road, or what other animals we may spot.
Slowly slowly, ever so slowly we saw the first light creep into the sky as our car headed closer to the coast.
The kids spoke in excited and joyful voices - at seeing the morning begin.

We walked along the sandy path, with the sky now light enough so that we could see without a torch. We marvelled at how quickly the light was filling the sky, even though the sun had not yet peeked over the horizon.

Eventually we walked up the final steps and the kids excitedly pointed out that the lighthouse still had it's light shining. They'd only ever seen it during daylight hours, and hadn't even realised it was still a working lighthouse!

A little cloud sat exactly where the sun was coming up, and created a golden glow. It also seemed to extend the moment of 'sunrise' for a few moments, which was lovely as the others were a tad bit late for actual sunrise! Due to all the clouds it wasn't the most spectacular sunrise I've seen from Fingal Headland, but still beautiful none-the-less. And made even more special by the breakfast feast we shared, which included baked deliciousness, hot chocolates and hot chai.

Perhaps the most magical moment of all was seeing not one but two pods of dolphins; who played and surfed and jumped through the waves while we all watched with joyful and excited expressions on our faces.

** I'd like to say heart-felt thank yous to everyone who left a comment here, on facebook, and on Instagram about my mama. It means so much to have that connection and your thoughts. If I hadn't been so tired this past week (with more than one or two day time naps taking up my time.....), I'd have replied individually to you all. xxxxx

ah Summer days......

We are right in the thick of school holidays right now.
It's been a good mix of sleeping-in and being woken up super early (ummmm 4am on Christmas morning!)
Bed time has been stretched past regular time - I blame day-light-savings for that. High Summer in day-light-savings doesn't get dark until 8.30 or so.

Our days have been taken up with seeing family, and just hanging out. Lots of swimming in the creek - each day the kids get better and better at their swimming. And we all sit and build towers and waterfalls with the rocks. One of the best family experiences is to sit for hours (minutes, who knows - you loose time when rock-moving) and rearrange rocks to form new water-ways along the creek. The other day we saw an eel down stream and all sat crouched peering under the rocks trying to get a better view. 

Meals have been easy and quick - salads and various forms of simple extras (tofu, fresh corn, vege sausages, fritters). Of course one or the other of the kids whinges at salad, but us adults make it anyway and pile up their plates and encourage them to eat. 

It's been hot some days, and mild the next - always humid. We have luckily missed the heat waves they've been having down south. A big Summer storm last night, with crazy lightning and thunder so close it shook the house. We slept while the clouds argued and clashed and banged. And the rain fell (not enough to flush the creek out of all the fallen leaves, or water the ground, but some).

Small bits of stitching and crochet work have been happening around family life. Sometimes into the quiet of the evening working with my hands (sometimes with a g+t to accompany it, and a good conversation with my man). Hopefully within a week or so I'll have something decent to show you.

Ah Summer days. You are good. Swimmers hanging on the line to dry, sarongs being worn around the house. A cold beer always in the fridge. 

once upon a time we made a gingerbread house

I've been seeing a whole lot of festive happening all around, on blogs and instagram and pinterest.
I'm feeling like a miserly mama that I'm not indulging in all this with my little ones. Just not feeling it this year, for a few reasons.

And mainly, we won't be at home for Christmas. And mainly our house is so tiny that any extra 'decorations' simply become mess. And mainly we have no time to stop and do making. And mainly my mind is thinking about how wonderful our new home might look with all those lovely festive decorations - when our new house might be built is a whole 'nother something. And mainly I'm feeling sad and low when I think too much about some things. And the festive cheer isn't creeping in.

I have not done any baking at all in the past months. Except for little cakes I made for Ari's birthday for school class. I didn't bake his at home birthday cake. And I haven't baked anything for the kids at all, or us or...... Baking is festive isn't it.

This morning Ari decided he wanted to make rocky road for his teacher gifts, and for our bus driver. So he searched for recipes, mainly so we knew quantities (how much chocolate makes enough rocky road for one person's gift?). While searching through our celebration and baking books we found a picture of a gingerbread house. And so, I decided that we'll make gingerbread houses again this year.

The kids will take them into school for their end-of-year parties. Ari is excited - he wants it to be the best. He wants to show it off. That makes me happy. That even though I haven't baked for months, we will bake gingerbread and build houses and decorate them (with lots of lollies and sugary icing. oh yes. oh yes).

Two years ago we made gingerbread houses. We were house sitting, and had a beautiful kitchen to work in. I feel like I never showed those pictures to you back then - so here; our funny tumble down gingerbread house, that had so many construction (and possibly baking) issues, but was wonderful all the same! The kids smashed it in with spoons and laughed and gobbled it all up (of course it was shared with all the cousins). Oh - my baby ones, they look exactly the same, and totally different.

What festive making and baking is happening in your home?
What's your best gingerbread recipe?
Have you ever built a house?

a good good day - Natural Arch

We realised on Saturday that we had never taken the children to see the wonderful natural rock formation and waterfall of Natural Arch. Actually we did go when Ari was a small tiny baby - he tells us he thinks maybe he could remember being there then, but then he wasn't quite sure! So, on Sunday morning we decided to go for a lovely family outing. And boy was it good.

It's only about 1/2 away from our house - over the border into Queensland. Lovely drive up the mountain range, to the view at the top, then down again and the spectacular countryside down the otherside.

The kids had such a good good time. Ari gave the biggest hug and said 'thank you for bringing us'. He really did love it.

You stand inside the cave, listening to the water fall and fall and fall. It's a roar in there. Can't talk, or hear. You can call and yell and make funny noises.

In Summer time there are glow worms and mushrooms to be seen. We'll take the kids back then. 

A reminded to do things. Not need to plan and rush about. Simply to do it. To breathe together, walk together, laugh together. Simple things - walking in the forest looking at moss and fairy houses and mushrooms.

it's sunday :: around about

Life in snippets at the moment. Dreaming of other places, and different things, and wishes and hopes. Living in the now is sometimes hard.

+ It's raining here. Lots and lots of rain. Creeks overflowing and bridges being flooded sort of rain.
+ The kids start back at school tomorrow - I'm feeling sad about that, also can't wait for it. Little Mishi will be starting kindy on Thursday. That little one in a school uniform - eeek... And the boy - he's moving up to year 2; that's big isn't it.
+ I haven't sat at my sewing machine for much much too long. I'm really missing her - but not having the thought process for that at the moment. Hoping it will return in a week or so.....
+ I have been crocheting, which is so so good. I'm slowly working on a make-up-as-i-go string shopping bag. We'll see how it works out. if it works I'll try to write a pattern, as I'll be making more. due to being flooded in, I have almost run out of yarn rations! that's bad isn't it....
+ I'm still totally addicted to and enjoying Instagram. But it's not an addiction that I'm embarrassed about - it's a good thing. I know. I'm enjoying the process of stopping to think and plan and style a photo - I wouldn't be getting out my big camera to take photos of my breakfast, so it's good that I am.
+ My sister gave me this so so good book. I'm planning on making dress C and top L, but think it might need to involve some fabric buying.....
+ Sam + I have been watching season one of 'six feet under' from the library. I really want to see 'mad men', but haven't yet found it at the library. What are you watching, enjoying?
+ The boy took an excellent, so so excellent, video of visiting the over-flowing dam the other day. But my annoying, slow, country internet won't let me share it with you. And I so want to share it.
+ The girl sang me a sweet song yesterday about how she loves mummy. I tickled her sweet still baby puffed tummy.
+ I'm slowly working on re-jigging my blog, new header and all. Come over and have a look (if you read this in a reader or some such - which I really know nothing about. I like visiting people's whole house - blog - rather than just one part.)

Hope you are enjoying your weekend. Tell me, what did you do..... xxx


still here..... slightly. vaguely.
anyway. in the air. and juggling. and bumping about trying to do lots and lots of things. probably actually doing nothing.

happenings around here (in no particular order - as there really is no order).
+ the boy has pneumonia. can you believe it? i can't. we spent the whole of tuesday in town, at the doctor then x-ray, (then the library while we waited for the doctor to finish his lunch break), then back to the doctor. the tiny little x-ray of my boy - with the white floaty stuff around his lungs.
+ i have been doing small amounts of making for an upcoming market (next weekend, as in one week away!!). not as much making as i wanted, or needed. but life has got in the way.
+ more and more preschool things happening. being on the preschool committee has taken so much this year - i simply cannot believe it was that crazy. (our president left, so i became president as well as secretary. we hired a new teacher as well as a new admin clerk - that took a lot of sub-committee workings. we had many meetings and in-between other stuff. we had fundraisers). but next year, i will still join the school p&c committee and do it all over again. really - wouldn't you want to be part of how your child's school spends their money?
+ my sewing machine started skipping stitches. i had to find a new place to take her for servicing - new town, new mechanic. i'm still waiting for her to come home again. my sister's machine isn't quite as smooth as mine, so i'm stuck for the moment. with a market coming up in one week.
+ tomorrow i'm going for a photo shoot for the local newspaper, for a little thing about the upcoming market. that will be fun. i might even have time to put some make-up on!
+ the stupid internet is stupidly crappy in the country. cause you know - i live in the middle of no-where, so telstra has an excuse to have crappy internet. as in, i cannot even upload an image to my website! (just so you know - i do live in the country, but it is not in the middle of no-where, we are 1/2hr from Byron Bay, 1/2hr from Gold Coast, in a very bustling town. yes - we do live in the forest, but we can see the tv towers from our road). 

In the meantime -
The children have been their usual selves; complete angels at school / elsewhere, and horrible brats at home. Ah well. At least they do look sweet and cute doing it. We got the yellow tutu last weekend at a market, second hand. She put it on straight away and has worn it almost everyday since - with her other 2 tutus on top. A frilly tulle extravaganza that only my little one could possibly pull off, with a twirl and a whirl.

The timber, windows + doors (all second hand) were meant to be delivered today, but it's raining - so we've had to put it off until another day.

I got a stack of dvds from the library this week - the kids watched Jungle Book and Heidi (with Shirley Temple). 

Anyway - just some things happening around here. I'm learning to juggle and breathe at the same time. Or trying to anyway.

Still enjoying all the beautiful new blooms that are popping up around this place each and everyday. So many things to look at and enjoy. And my garden is still giving me such pleasure and joy.

I hope things are well for you, my friends. Let me know what's up in your little part of the world. Be back here soon, I hope..........

in the olden days

Was so happy to hear that my kids think the olden days was before even my grandma was around, rather than when I was young.

It then got us talking about things that my kids have no idea about. Like a cassette tape (which they did know; we found one once that they pulled apart. Ari said 'a little white box with string stuff inside') or a walkman (a walking robot). And did you know 'videos are so yesterday'.

'Videos are in the olden days.
Geckoblasters are in the olden days'.

Ghetoblaster - a gecko that farts and blasts off to space, hence called a geckoblaster.

It got Sam and me on a tangent from how quickly Walkmans have been replaced with these funny personal computers you carry in your pocket and do all manner of everything with.

.......rambled in our family sometime back in late August, possibly sitting around the kitchen/dining table. I'm sure there was lots of silly laughter and giggling. And me wondering if really I am now 'not young' - meaning I might be heading the direction of "old". 

*carved stamp cassette tape from my sweet friend Holly's blog, thanks xx.
* cassette tape in a mess, found on flickr.

more - less

 [above + below are wild raspberries. Sweet white flowers. The red below is, I think, perhaps either the male or female fruit; you don't eat that one.]

The more I'm away from here, the less I come back. It's hard to come back when I can't be here regularly. I keep wondering if I should just go on a blog holiday for the next six months or something. But I would miss it here too much, and miss you. Thank you all for keeping on visiting - it's good to know you're still there.

I haven't been doing much stitching lately, and no screen printing at all. But I've been doing a little bit of drawing and watercolour painting, which has been making me really happy. Setting myself up with little vases of flowers and the watercolour pencils. Kids being at school, giving me quiet and creative time is really helping, too - even though they are rare and brief moments.

I'm currently organising a market stall at the local art gallery for Christmas time. This means that Sam + I have to do some more designing and making. Which is good. Giving us a deadline for getting back into doing some work. I'm exciting to be organising the market - such a beautiful location, an excellent gallery. [this image was taken from the gallery, on a rainy afternoon this week].

It's been raining this past week. Our creek went from bone dry to overflowing almost flooding in one night. It's eased off and since gone down a bit. Overcast days. My seedlings in the garden + my soul are needing a little bit of sunshine to warm us up. Fresh roses on my table, from the local farmers market, are doing a splendid job of helping my soul warm, combined with the fresh bread our neighbour brought us yesterday.

I wonder if I am changing / have changed. I wonder if I can recognise it. Feel it in my self, in my days. If life living here has changed me. Can you notice a difference?

with ever love, E xx

from outside

Outside Spring is already bursting forth. The Autumn colours are still on the ground where they fell what seems only a few short months ago. It is still cold at night, and morning - but I do think that the Winter has passed. Of course, it could trick us all and pop back again with one or two last frosty nights which may freeze those little blossoms.

While we're watching the world move along, quite quickly, we are still moving in our slow motion way. Still only talking about the building process - nothing started. It feels like we need the biggest push to get started. This means, also, no work as there's no space for working.

I have been doing small bottles of solar dyeing. Little experiments. It's fun, but then the waiting to see what it will be - well that's good too.

School is back now. Week two already. Trying to settle into a rhythm of some sort. I think perhaps that will never successfully happen in this tiny house. The house is often messy, as there's no space for everything to live - all my paperwork, books, thoughts spilling and joining with the children's toys, clothes, school pieces, noise, voices, dramas, smiles............. Living within each other.

camping / family

During the holidays my brother was up from Melbourne, with his girlfriend + son. We hadn't seen them for so so long. I miss my brother so much when he's not here - sometimes I forget how much I miss him. He gives good good hugs, you know. Real hugs, where he stops and is there with you. Not thinking about where the next rushing off thing is happening.
Anyway, we all got together and camped in our yard. All of us - me+my siblings and our bits of associated family - haven't been together for such a long time. Too long actually.
It was lots of fun. I think the kids all had an excellent time. There were enough adults to help out with all things, the food was delicious and overflowing. The camp fire was beautiful.
Moments were at times rushed with life, and - as it happened - death as well.
We talked about doing it again, soon. Perhaps as soon as Christmas time - camping in Summer means swimming at the creek and not being in the 3degreesC mornings, waiting for the sun arrive. 

Anyway, these are a few photos from those days together. Not excellent. Not many. And not one single photo of all of us together. Oh well. Perhaps next time I'll be more organised to MAKE the family photo happen!

falling in love {again}

Since moving out of the city, and living here in this tiny house surrounded by all this possibility, things have changed and evolved. I mean, within me and my relationships.

I'm finding that I'm falling in love with my husband all over again. But in a new and different way. Not that I ever stopped loving him - never at all ever!

But before now we've never really had 'time' just being together. Haven't been on big adventure holidays together (not backpacking or anything else). Nor done much anything other than just doing 'regular every-day living' :: work, house work, children, shopping, etc etc. Just like any normal couple. Good and wonderful and loving times together, but always other things competing for energy, thoughts, emotions, time.

Now - with neither of us working outside the home (except for all the constant things I seem to keep volunteering for), and both children at school & preschool for five and three days each, we have time together. Living in our tiny home, and not having anywhere to escape - no extra rooms (no bedroom, study, etc) and no computers or internet to take our time away. Now we are together. Talking and working alongside each other.

We are planning and thinking, and planting new trees, or pulling weeds or discovering more ant nests around the yard. We are sitting inside watching the rain pool outside our door. We both point out the little birds flying about to each other. Or count the leaves left on the tree and marvel together for the hundredth time how much we both love that tree. And sit quietly together enjoying those moments of being part of something else.

Part of something else together.

I am falling in love with my husband all over again. In a new way.

some lovely wedding-ness

{don't you just love his socks pocking out....}

Here are just a few images that I took at Ben & Jo's wedding last week.

It was held at beautiful Customs, along Brisbane river, in the city. Such a spectacular location. And of course, the wedding couple were sweet and lovely together, and Jo looked very very elegant and classically beautiful in her dress. It was a perfect silhouette on her, with special princess detailing.

A big rain storm came across only half an hour before Jo was due to arrived, but thankfully it was all over before she got there. (The wedding staff were frantically mopping the red carpet outside!). It did mean there was a bit of wind and was a bit cool after the ceremony. But then, without the wind, I wouldn't have snapped these few spectacular images - clicked quickly as I came around the corner to bring the kids (flower girl + page boy), so they could all walk down the aisle together.

These ones of my two sweet little ones were taken before the wedding. On the red carpet of the front steps, and also upstairs in the little room we sat in, while quietly waiting for the bride to arrive (and not dirty the white outfit....). What sweetness, don't you think?

I love the light shinning through her dress, as she preened herself, and poufed the layers up.

And finally, one of Sam and me. There were barely any taken of us, which was a bit of a pity - the last time I saw Sam in a suit was at our wedding! The lighting isn't excellent in this one, but I am smiling... My necklace was a beautiful piece we found, at the last minute, at Beads and Beads in the city. It's rock crystal pieces, very rough and spiky. I got the lady to make an extra bit that hung down my back as well. Something I'll wear again for sure.

in our {old} city

Last week we were in Brisbane for the wedding of my brother-in-law to my new (finally!) sister-in-law.

Our week was busy and rushed, with lots of wedding prep, sewing ring pillow, shoe-size changes for the little ones flower girl outfit, and my wedding-guest dress outfit disaster needing to redo my whole outfit two days before the wedding.

In between all this we had some lovely moments exploring our old city of Brisbane. Sometimes lovely to be tourists in a place you know fairly well. We stayed a few nights (for wedding purposes) in serviced apartments in the city; always good to 'need to' stay at a lovely hotel. And especially considering our bedding & bathing conditions back at home (one big room, where the kids sleep less than a metre away from us; and an outside shower, which while lovely and hot isn't the most luxurious).

The view from our big balcony was quite lovely. I actually was up at 5am with the camera to capture these images. They are mostly a bit sort of blurry or "moody" as they are all shot hand held and with super slow speed, and I've done nothing to edit them. Didn't get up as early the next morning (big night at the wedding, and then a bottle of sparkling bubbly finished off at the hotel later on!).

While walking along the riverwalk, the kids and I came across the enchanting HMB Endeavour anchored in (is that what you say?). We really wanted to go aboard, which you could do (for a reasonable fee), but our Brisbane days had run out, and the opening hours were over. We enjoyed watching the setting sun between those spectacular masts, and talked about all that may have gone on while on board in the olden days. Make sure you visit their website, as it seems Brisbane was the start of the Australia-wide tour, and you may find you'll be nearby a port one day. If you happen to hop on board, please take some photos and share the moments with us as well. {Perhaps we could plan a holiday around a future port call? Hobart? Melbourne?}.

I must admit that I was very impressed by the fact that the whole Riverside area had been totally fixed up since the January floods. A lot of damage was done there, with many restaurants having to be closed for the past three months.

Sometimes it really is fun to be a tourist in your own city. You must try it - do take us along on the journey, won't you!

about today

this morning did not really go so well.
the big boy (my nephew who has been staying with us for almost three weeks now) and i had some not so nice words with each other, in not so very nice voices.
i did not react to his behaviour the way i knew.know i should. i forgot to breathe. to stop and breathe. to stop and remember the little quote on the side-bar of my blog {it's in the side-bar of my brain as well}.

Between stimulus and response there is a space. 
In that space is our power to choose our response. 
In our response lies our growth and our freedom.

Viktor E. Frankl
I have to keep reminding myself about how to respond to all situations. Right now, that is my journey, my lessons. I am trying. To remember. Trying to breathe
We did hug, when I dropped him off at school. I saw the tears in his eyes, and felt the tearing in my heart. I tried to smile with my heart, to his heart, with my eye to his eye. 
Later, when I was home, in the few quiet hours between the preschool committee meeting, and then the back to pick everyone up afternoon routine, I did stop and breathe. On my own, in the quiet of the house, by myself. I let the quiet, rainy day wash over me and ease me. I let the guilt go, the anger, the upset at the situation having got to the point it got to. I tried to remind myself that I need to breathe, when I'm in the situation. {And when this afternoon came, and there was still some anger from the big.little boy, I did breathe, and talked to him in a good and calm voice}.
Right now, bed is calling me. There are two little children and one cat in there, waiting for me. (With Sam in Brisbane for a few nights, the kids have clambered into bed with me; and let me tell you, I love it - their warm little bodies, feeling their dreams skitter about in their sleep. I have such wonderful memories of sleeping in the bed with my own mama). The rain is falling on our tin roof. A good sound, despite the fact that it means the outside will be muddy, and the grass too wet to mow, too high to run easily in. (And more more more rain means house building ideas slip week by week along....). 
Tomorrow will start all over again. And tomorrow, I will try harder to breathe. To remember my response and reaction.

These are some photos that I took today, while having my lunch. My eggs were slightly more than the just slightly soft boiled that I like them; I think due to stopping to take photos and not peeling them straight away. But they were still nourishingly good anyway. Isn't that an intense orange - need I even say that they are local and free-range (though not our own, yet. I am still waiting to build a chook pen and bring some hens home).
This little purple lilac bloom was the only one of the whole plant. I told the girl to not pick it, to let it be and enjoy it, to see if any more would grow. I was watching while I walked past each day. But she picked it - she does so like picking little blossoms and blooms and bringing them in to place in a glass, jar or other vessel for us to look at. And you know what - each day I was walked right past looking at the mass of flowers (all three blooms that there are!), but not appreciating the detail. Now that they are sitting on our table, I am looking and so enjoying seeing those delicate petals.lines.shapes.colours up close. One looks as if someone has done the most delicate of embroidery stitches along the petal seamline, with the prettiest of thread colours. I keep expecting to see fairy silver dust sprinkled upon it!

{collecting} fuyu

this beautiful tree sits quietly in our garden. 
going through it's seasonal changes moment by moment.
providing cooling shade during the hot summer months.
loosing it's leaves to allow sunlight for winter.

it's autumn now.
the leaves are turning.
the colours changing.
the fruit.
oh the fruit. 

we sit at our kitchen table 
and spot bright orange balls of colour 
amongst the leaves.
some too high to reach. 
left to the birds.
 {Sam's going to hate me putting this photo up, but I do think it's fuzzy enough to be ok? Plus, I just wanted you to know the fruit picking help I have around here!! The fuzzy in the centre of the photo is my camera being cold in the humid/cool/wetish mornings around here; she takes a while to warm herself up. Some of the fuzzy photos are turning out with a beautiful moodiness.}

We got out our ladder and climbed up to pluck the firm round fruits from the branch. Persimmons. This is the variety known as fuyu. Can be eaten firm, or soften more. None of us here in this house actually like persimmons; but I must admit that I have been thinking of the other variety (known as hachiya), which is squidgy and stringy, and not at all what I like to put in my mouth. So - perhaps I really do need to retry this fruit. Not now, though. These few we collected we taken this weekend past to Grandma's house (Sam's mum), as she does really like them a whole lot. I hope she gobbled them up with a smile on her face!

If you happen to have a glut of persimmons, you could make them into a jam, I believe. But we had only a few fruits on the whole tree, and even less that we could reach with our ladder. 

This tree will turn from green to yellow to orange over the next few days and weeks. Even now as I look, I can see more yellow leaves on the bigger tree, and the little tree has less leaves than last week. For some strange reason, the little/younger tree has shown it's colour earlier; Sam told me he saw the other day a big gust of wind come along and shake a big handful of leaves from the little tree. Isn't that a lovely little image to this about. {Have you read this book? We love it, a good one to add to your Autumn reading list.}

a very nice lunch indeed

 {love how the sunlight came streaming in, just as i was taking this photo. glorious}

now that Mishi goes to preschool three days a week, we have a few times of quiet at home without constant chitter chatter of the little ones.

mostly it seems that between Sam or me, we are running here and there doing things (into town for shopping, picking up our new fireplace, gas hot water system, helping out at preschool rostered days, doing reading with school kids, helping the school kids in their little garden projects, yoga, mowing the large expanses of grass, doing house plans, planting seeds for a Winter garden.........).

but sometimes we've found ourselves quietly settled in our little home, at our lovely wooden dining table*, looking out the window to where our new house will be built.

we found ourselves in just this spot, on Friday. with the house just tidied and swept, the rugs taken outside and beaten, the beds all made, and the warm late Summer sun shining down on our roof.

a simple lunch of toasted bread {as we have no electricity we have no toaster, which means we use a camp toaster over our gas open flame cook top. camp toast tastes so different to machine made toast}, with homemade pesto {more on that later, a lovely saga i'm enjoying}, delicious farm-bought tomatoes, the last of the Parmesan cheese (Australian + vegetarian = no animal rennet), and fresh basil leaves. of course a sprinkling of freshly cracked pepper and pinch of Himalayan pink salt.

combined with the bird calls, the warmth of the sun (we've had a lot of rainy days here), the cicadas, and the scent of the basil. looking at these trees that i am loving more each day.

it really was a very nice lunch indeed.....

{and a few photos of the delicious, juicy lychees we've been nibbling on lately. i'm really loving this spot on the table; lighting our candle for dinner each night,  and adding new flowers, stones, collections to enjoy.}

{this aromatic basil has part of our life for the past few days. lovely lovely}.

{camp fire toast..... yum yum}

{a corner of our little kitchen}

*we found it under our last house, covered in mud, with an ugly laminate cover that we removed and sanded back to beautiful timber.