some lovely wedding-ness

{don't you just love his socks pocking out....}

Here are just a few images that I took at Ben & Jo's wedding last week.

It was held at beautiful Customs, along Brisbane river, in the city. Such a spectacular location. And of course, the wedding couple were sweet and lovely together, and Jo looked very very elegant and classically beautiful in her dress. It was a perfect silhouette on her, with special princess detailing.

A big rain storm came across only half an hour before Jo was due to arrived, but thankfully it was all over before she got there. (The wedding staff were frantically mopping the red carpet outside!). It did mean there was a bit of wind and was a bit cool after the ceremony. But then, without the wind, I wouldn't have snapped these few spectacular images - clicked quickly as I came around the corner to bring the kids (flower girl + page boy), so they could all walk down the aisle together.

These ones of my two sweet little ones were taken before the wedding. On the red carpet of the front steps, and also upstairs in the little room we sat in, while quietly waiting for the bride to arrive (and not dirty the white outfit....). What sweetness, don't you think?

I love the light shinning through her dress, as she preened herself, and poufed the layers up.

And finally, one of Sam and me. There were barely any taken of us, which was a bit of a pity - the last time I saw Sam in a suit was at our wedding! The lighting isn't excellent in this one, but I am smiling... My necklace was a beautiful piece we found, at the last minute, at Beads and Beads in the city. It's rock crystal pieces, very rough and spiky. I got the lady to make an extra bit that hung down my back as well. Something I'll wear again for sure.