ah Summer days......

We are right in the thick of school holidays right now.
It's been a good mix of sleeping-in and being woken up super early (ummmm 4am on Christmas morning!)
Bed time has been stretched past regular time - I blame day-light-savings for that. High Summer in day-light-savings doesn't get dark until 8.30 or so.

Our days have been taken up with seeing family, and just hanging out. Lots of swimming in the creek - each day the kids get better and better at their swimming. And we all sit and build towers and waterfalls with the rocks. One of the best family experiences is to sit for hours (minutes, who knows - you loose time when rock-moving) and rearrange rocks to form new water-ways along the creek. The other day we saw an eel down stream and all sat crouched peering under the rocks trying to get a better view. 

Meals have been easy and quick - salads and various forms of simple extras (tofu, fresh corn, vege sausages, fritters). Of course one or the other of the kids whinges at salad, but us adults make it anyway and pile up their plates and encourage them to eat. 

It's been hot some days, and mild the next - always humid. We have luckily missed the heat waves they've been having down south. A big Summer storm last night, with crazy lightning and thunder so close it shook the house. We slept while the clouds argued and clashed and banged. And the rain fell (not enough to flush the creek out of all the fallen leaves, or water the ground, but some).

Small bits of stitching and crochet work have been happening around family life. Sometimes into the quiet of the evening working with my hands (sometimes with a g+t to accompany it, and a good conversation with my man). Hopefully within a week or so I'll have something decent to show you.

Ah Summer days. You are good. Swimmers hanging on the line to dry, sarongs being worn around the house. A cold beer always in the fridge.