things i am doing

They are all playing Lego. Do you know / like / remember that noise of scraping through the Lego box? Oh, it's a sound from childhood for me. It makes me super happy that my husband loves Lego as much as I did; actually more. He was a Lego champion. He enjoys spending hours with the kids sitting on the floor scraping through the box to find the perfect piece of Lego to add to the construction. He teaches the kids about building and how to make strength in their makings. It's a good thing. 
{though, did you know that there are giant garbage patches of Lego and plastic spread across our Oceans? Crazy scary isn't that! Best to buy your Lego from Ebay or at op-shops, or make sure to pass your Lego down to the next generation - maybe the neighbours or your niece or nephew. Girls love Lego too, you know!}

That's what they're doing. 
What I am doing is this: {not all at once, of course!}

Business by Design - helping push me and giving me some extra tips.
Making a new website - new things, new beginnings, new ideas, new motivation.
Adding this to my to-do plan list - this is the year of dedicated blogging around here!
Re-reading this, and re-doing it all
Planning some tutorials for this blog - anything you want to see that I make? Let me know. 

Sending love and thoughts and hopeful wishes to all those near the bush fires.
Taking notice of the wonderful things in my life. 
Counting my blessings. 
Aiming to do daily yoga, with my little one beside me. She does naked yoga - my mama would have loved that!
Also, deciding what I might nibble for second breakfast/snack/lunch today........

That's what I'm doing...... What are you doing?
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