a list of things

I am not writing / making new year's resolutions. Mainly because I never actually keep them. And because I've been trying and trying to write something down and can't narrow any "real" resolutions to make. Instead I've decided to just make a list of things to do this year. Sounds a whole lot easier, doesn't it? Can't really 'break' a list can I! 

So, here goes. My list of things I want to do this year :

+ make myself a whole heap of new clothes. I really need a new wardrobe - to get rid of some things, and bring in new things. I'll probably start a pinterest board of things to make (when my dodgy country internet will let me actually pin things!).
+ finish a quilt or stitched blanket thing. Perhaps maybe, just maybe maybe, overcome my fear of binding and do that as well. 
+ regular yoga doing will be good too. Probably mainly at home, but maybe also at a yoga class. 
+ writing - more writing (on this blog, and in a journal, and also for magazines maybe as well). 
+ update / relaunch my website. I am "rebranding" myself this year; currently working on a new website and new things to put on said website. 
+ go on at least one date with my husband. One date in a whole year would be nice, wouldn't it. I think maybe last year we did manage to go on one date...... did we?
+ do more making - art doing, craft making, screen printing, stitching, drawing, painting, photographing, dyeing....... Just making and creating.
+ do it on my own - and with the kids. Making that is!
+ be more organised. And less rushed and ill-prepared. Plan and tidy and be on time, rather than rushing-to-the-finish-line.
+ also crochet work - I'd like to make (finish) a blanket or rug or wearable item. Not only crochet stones and crochet spoons. Though things like that are good too, as they make me happy. 
+ more hand written notes and letters. Yes that sounds good. 
+ more photos. Better photos. Planned photos - planned photo shoots. {also backing up and saving all photos, and also putting them into books. Maybe from blurb}. 
+ spending time with other makers / artists who inspire me and get me. Oh - that's a good list thing.

A good list to start. Maybe I'll add to it. Or take things off it. Maybe I'll be able to cross things off it, as in done and done things. Yes yes. 

Have you made a list?
Or perhaps new year resolutions? 
What are you planning or doing this year? Shall we share and enjoy and encourage each other? That would be good.