in the olden days

Was so happy to hear that my kids think the olden days was before even my grandma was around, rather than when I was young.

It then got us talking about things that my kids have no idea about. Like a cassette tape (which they did know; we found one once that they pulled apart. Ari said 'a little white box with string stuff inside') or a walkman (a walking robot). And did you know 'videos are so yesterday'.

'Videos are in the olden days.
Geckoblasters are in the olden days'.

Ghetoblaster - a gecko that farts and blasts off to space, hence called a geckoblaster.

It got Sam and me on a tangent from how quickly Walkmans have been replaced with these funny personal computers you carry in your pocket and do all manner of everything with.

.......rambled in our family sometime back in late August, possibly sitting around the kitchen/dining table. I'm sure there was lots of silly laughter and giggling. And me wondering if really I am now 'not young' - meaning I might be heading the direction of "old". 

*carved stamp cassette tape from my sweet friend Holly's blog, thanks xx.
* cassette tape in a mess, found on flickr.