still here..... slightly. vaguely.
anyway. in the air. and juggling. and bumping about trying to do lots and lots of things. probably actually doing nothing.

happenings around here (in no particular order - as there really is no order).
+ the boy has pneumonia. can you believe it? i can't. we spent the whole of tuesday in town, at the doctor then x-ray, (then the library while we waited for the doctor to finish his lunch break), then back to the doctor. the tiny little x-ray of my boy - with the white floaty stuff around his lungs.
+ i have been doing small amounts of making for an upcoming market (next weekend, as in one week away!!). not as much making as i wanted, or needed. but life has got in the way.
+ more and more preschool things happening. being on the preschool committee has taken so much this year - i simply cannot believe it was that crazy. (our president left, so i became president as well as secretary. we hired a new teacher as well as a new admin clerk - that took a lot of sub-committee workings. we had many meetings and in-between other stuff. we had fundraisers). but next year, i will still join the school p&c committee and do it all over again. really - wouldn't you want to be part of how your child's school spends their money?
+ my sewing machine started skipping stitches. i had to find a new place to take her for servicing - new town, new mechanic. i'm still waiting for her to come home again. my sister's machine isn't quite as smooth as mine, so i'm stuck for the moment. with a market coming up in one week.
+ tomorrow i'm going for a photo shoot for the local newspaper, for a little thing about the upcoming market. that will be fun. i might even have time to put some make-up on!
+ the stupid internet is stupidly crappy in the country. cause you know - i live in the middle of no-where, so telstra has an excuse to have crappy internet. as in, i cannot even upload an image to my website! (just so you know - i do live in the country, but it is not in the middle of no-where, we are 1/2hr from Byron Bay, 1/2hr from Gold Coast, in a very bustling town. yes - we do live in the forest, but we can see the tv towers from our road). 

In the meantime -
The children have been their usual selves; complete angels at school / elsewhere, and horrible brats at home. Ah well. At least they do look sweet and cute doing it. We got the yellow tutu last weekend at a market, second hand. She put it on straight away and has worn it almost everyday since - with her other 2 tutus on top. A frilly tulle extravaganza that only my little one could possibly pull off, with a twirl and a whirl.

The timber, windows + doors (all second hand) were meant to be delivered today, but it's raining - so we've had to put it off until another day.

I got a stack of dvds from the library this week - the kids watched Jungle Book and Heidi (with Shirley Temple). 

Anyway - just some things happening around here. I'm learning to juggle and breathe at the same time. Or trying to anyway.

Still enjoying all the beautiful new blooms that are popping up around this place each and everyday. So many things to look at and enjoy. And my garden is still giving me such pleasure and joy.

I hope things are well for you, my friends. Let me know what's up in your little part of the world. Be back here soon, I hope..........