in the raindrops and the early mist

"Let your life lightly dance on the edges of Time like dew on the tip of a leaf" Rabindranath Tagore

The weather has been quite spectacular this past month. Hot hot days combined with afternoon Summer storms. Creating beautiful scenes everywhere we look. 

I captured this lightning shot on my phone - after a crazy hot and sticky day we headed for the creek to cool down, only to be joined by the most amazing company of thunder and lightning across the valley. A quick jump in the water and then driving home in the pouring rain.

I endlessly find inspiration in the tiny minute details of a blade of grass or a thread of spider silk. A rain drop rolling down a leaf is such an intoxicating moment to enjoy.

a good good day - Natural Arch

We realised on Saturday that we had never taken the children to see the wonderful natural rock formation and waterfall of Natural Arch. Actually we did go when Ari was a small tiny baby - he tells us he thinks maybe he could remember being there then, but then he wasn't quite sure! So, on Sunday morning we decided to go for a lovely family outing. And boy was it good.

It's only about 1/2 away from our house - over the border into Queensland. Lovely drive up the mountain range, to the view at the top, then down again and the spectacular countryside down the otherside.

The kids had such a good good time. Ari gave the biggest hug and said 'thank you for bringing us'. He really did love it.

You stand inside the cave, listening to the water fall and fall and fall. It's a roar in there. Can't talk, or hear. You can call and yell and make funny noises.

In Summer time there are glow worms and mushrooms to be seen. We'll take the kids back then. 

A reminded to do things. Not need to plan and rush about. Simply to do it. To breathe together, walk together, laugh together. Simple things - walking in the forest looking at moss and fairy houses and mushrooms.

this morning..... seeing the rainbow through the rain

This morning my alarm went off really early. At 6am. That is early for me. I know some of you jump out of bed at 5am or earlier - but I don't. And, most importantly, neither do my kids (yah to that!!). Sam and I got up and wondered why, oh why do people actually get up at that time of the day. I looked at the sky; yes, yes. I know why people get up that early. Beautiful to be awake in the morning when the early colours are starting to shine through, and the morning birds are calling.

I was up early for a breakfast business meeting in town. For some ideas to spark and start things happening. And yes - oh yes. Some good things. We'll see, of course, if it all gets caught up in red tape of local council, or if things can move along and make some changes in this town of mine. I'll talk more about it at another time.

For now I just wanted to show you my view while driving into town this morning. I felt like I could almost reach out to touch the pot of gold in that shimmery field.
It was also lovely to see Ms Helle - in all her vivacious cynical glory!

the garden song and dance

If you can't find me anywhere else, look for me in the garden.

I'm loving this little space of ours. The first proper real vege garden we've had in a long long time. It's not really very planned, but it's growing happily and that's what matters most.

I am enjoying just sitting at the garden and watching what has grown from yesterday, or even this morning. Seeing the growth of little plants, and the changes that are happening every single day is just wonderful. Now that Spring is here it is so easy to notice the changes. I'm soaking it all up.

I do think one of the big reasons I'm enjoying being in this little spot so much is because of the possibilities of it all. What will we eat over the coming weeks and months. What new plants and seeds will I put in those extra spaces. What will we have extra of that we'll be able to preserve for the colder months. Oh the possibilities. Also, the fact that I can see things happening - well nothing much is happening around the rest of our lives, nothing so obvious anyway.

[House building is creeping closer to beginning. We bought some second hand windows + doors yesterday, and I do think we have almost got a final house plan. And my dad is almost ready to begin the job. I guess we do have to wait for the weather to be sunshiney now.....].

We have lots of lettuce at the moment. Some lovely freckle leaf lettuces that I enjoy looking at.
The carrots are growing slowly - we're waiting eagerly, impatiently.
The snow peas are popping new flowers each day. So beautiful. Snow pea dance. The flowers look like a Georgia O'Keeffe painting contender. Oh yes.
The strawberries are growing bit by bit - green fruits, we made a good little bamboo frame with netting for them to be protected from the birds. There is so much happening, and I keep planning and dreaming more.
Silverbeet and Asian greens happily being picked every second day or so.
Basil and tomatoes growing beside each other. Not ready yet, but growing. A creature has been nibbling the tops of the tomato plants, but there are more - and more planted. I'm planning a whole bed of tomatoes for eating raw fresh from the bush, cooked and also (hoping hoping) preserved / canned.

"I have but one desire as a painter – that is to paint what I see, as I see it, in my own way, without regard for the desires or taste of the professional dealer or the professional collector."-
Georgia O’Keeffe

from outside

Outside Spring is already bursting forth. The Autumn colours are still on the ground where they fell what seems only a few short months ago. It is still cold at night, and morning - but I do think that the Winter has passed. Of course, it could trick us all and pop back again with one or two last frosty nights which may freeze those little blossoms.

While we're watching the world move along, quite quickly, we are still moving in our slow motion way. Still only talking about the building process - nothing started. It feels like we need the biggest push to get started. This means, also, no work as there's no space for working.

I have been doing small bottles of solar dyeing. Little experiments. It's fun, but then the waiting to see what it will be - well that's good too.

School is back now. Week two already. Trying to settle into a rhythm of some sort. I think perhaps that will never successfully happen in this tiny house. The house is often messy, as there's no space for everything to live - all my paperwork, books, thoughts spilling and joining with the children's toys, clothes, school pieces, noise, voices, dramas, smiles............. Living within each other.

camping / family

During the holidays my brother was up from Melbourne, with his girlfriend + son. We hadn't seen them for so so long. I miss my brother so much when he's not here - sometimes I forget how much I miss him. He gives good good hugs, you know. Real hugs, where he stops and is there with you. Not thinking about where the next rushing off thing is happening.
Anyway, we all got together and camped in our yard. All of us - me+my siblings and our bits of associated family - haven't been together for such a long time. Too long actually.
It was lots of fun. I think the kids all had an excellent time. There were enough adults to help out with all things, the food was delicious and overflowing. The camp fire was beautiful.
Moments were at times rushed with life, and - as it happened - death as well.
We talked about doing it again, soon. Perhaps as soon as Christmas time - camping in Summer means swimming at the creek and not being in the 3degreesC mornings, waiting for the sun arrive. 

Anyway, these are a few photos from those days together. Not excellent. Not many. And not one single photo of all of us together. Oh well. Perhaps next time I'll be more organised to MAKE the family photo happen!

the tree :: watching this season evolve :: Winter

 {From top. 1- Taken September last year. 2- Taken mid-May this year. 3- Taken late-May this year}

 {taken early June}
 {taken late March, when we collected the fruits. blogged here}

 {taken early February this year, when we first moved down here - look at all that over grown grass and bracken fern that Sam has steadily mowed and cut to give an almost lawn}

This tree has been a constant in our day. Watching, enjoying, being inspired by.
I've taken lots of photos of it at some times, and then none at other times. Perhaps I will document it with a weekly photo - at some stage. Maybe when the Spring new growth bursts forth; a good time to begin a new project, no?

We collected sweet persimmons from the tree earlier this year. Took some lovely shimmery images of the fruit, and the collecting people (Mishi + Sam).
We've spent the past few months sitting on our little verandah and watching the leaves first turn golden and yellow and some orange or red. Then watching them flutter off - sometimes one by one, sometimes in a big big gust of Autumn breeze that showers handfuls to the ground below. Slowly slowly. And then there were only a handful left on the branches. Like the little yellow leaf, some clung on longer than others. And slower still, until there were none left.

And then the kookaburras came to visit. Two and three at a time. Sitting in the bare branches and spying the ground, watching for worms to swoop down on.

It's been good to watch the Autumn then Winter slip into our little part of the world here, by way of the visual reference of nature around us. 

Don't be surprised if these trees feature in some new designs of ours, at some stage or other. {When we move past this phase of 'not working' - which I'm optimistically calling 'gathering, collecting inspiration' stage. Or alternatively the time of rest that every tree, plant, flower, animal, human does need at some time in their life}.

and the sun streamed in like butterscotch....

just as i was strolling out the door to pick the boy up from the bus stop,
the sun streamed in the window
like butterscotch.

do you know that song? {you can hear it here}*
i think of it at moments like this. with the sun coming out from behind the dark clouds that have been dotting our skies lately. and the strong light shines in. if only momentarily.

this was the scene on our table. with the sun shining on it. and me heading out to the bus.

and of course, the kids come home from school / preschool and things change.shift.the sun goes away. the afternoon fades towards evening.bed.sleep. tomorrow.again.
and some times some moments during that time we have a little moment, perhaps two or more of contentment or peace or just to be. but sometimes not.

{these lovelies are from outside, in our 'garden'. the yellows are weeds, which burst open. the seedpods are the most amazing little shapes that look like woven baskets holding their seeds}

*I have just decided that I need to now get all of Joni's music, some how or other... raid my Dad's CD draw perhaps!

{collecting} fuyu

this beautiful tree sits quietly in our garden. 
going through it's seasonal changes moment by moment.
providing cooling shade during the hot summer months.
loosing it's leaves to allow sunlight for winter.

it's autumn now.
the leaves are turning.
the colours changing.
the fruit.
oh the fruit. 

we sit at our kitchen table 
and spot bright orange balls of colour 
amongst the leaves.
some too high to reach. 
left to the birds.
 {Sam's going to hate me putting this photo up, but I do think it's fuzzy enough to be ok? Plus, I just wanted you to know the fruit picking help I have around here!! The fuzzy in the centre of the photo is my camera being cold in the humid/cool/wetish mornings around here; she takes a while to warm herself up. Some of the fuzzy photos are turning out with a beautiful moodiness.}

We got out our ladder and climbed up to pluck the firm round fruits from the branch. Persimmons. This is the variety known as fuyu. Can be eaten firm, or soften more. None of us here in this house actually like persimmons; but I must admit that I have been thinking of the other variety (known as hachiya), which is squidgy and stringy, and not at all what I like to put in my mouth. So - perhaps I really do need to retry this fruit. Not now, though. These few we collected we taken this weekend past to Grandma's house (Sam's mum), as she does really like them a whole lot. I hope she gobbled them up with a smile on her face!

If you happen to have a glut of persimmons, you could make them into a jam, I believe. But we had only a few fruits on the whole tree, and even less that we could reach with our ladder. 

This tree will turn from green to yellow to orange over the next few days and weeks. Even now as I look, I can see more yellow leaves on the bigger tree, and the little tree has less leaves than last week. For some strange reason, the little/younger tree has shown it's colour earlier; Sam told me he saw the other day a big gust of wind come along and shake a big handful of leaves from the little tree. Isn't that a lovely little image to this about. {Have you read this book? We love it, a good one to add to your Autumn reading list.}