the tree :: watching this season evolve :: Winter

 {From top. 1- Taken September last year. 2- Taken mid-May this year. 3- Taken late-May this year}

 {taken early June}
 {taken late March, when we collected the fruits. blogged here}

 {taken early February this year, when we first moved down here - look at all that over grown grass and bracken fern that Sam has steadily mowed and cut to give an almost lawn}

This tree has been a constant in our day. Watching, enjoying, being inspired by.
I've taken lots of photos of it at some times, and then none at other times. Perhaps I will document it with a weekly photo - at some stage. Maybe when the Spring new growth bursts forth; a good time to begin a new project, no?

We collected sweet persimmons from the tree earlier this year. Took some lovely shimmery images of the fruit, and the collecting people (Mishi + Sam).
We've spent the past few months sitting on our little verandah and watching the leaves first turn golden and yellow and some orange or red. Then watching them flutter off - sometimes one by one, sometimes in a big big gust of Autumn breeze that showers handfuls to the ground below. Slowly slowly. And then there were only a handful left on the branches. Like the little yellow leaf, some clung on longer than others. And slower still, until there were none left.

And then the kookaburras came to visit. Two and three at a time. Sitting in the bare branches and spying the ground, watching for worms to swoop down on.

It's been good to watch the Autumn then Winter slip into our little part of the world here, by way of the visual reference of nature around us. 

Don't be surprised if these trees feature in some new designs of ours, at some stage or other. {When we move past this phase of 'not working' - which I'm optimistically calling 'gathering, collecting inspiration' stage. Or alternatively the time of rest that every tree, plant, flower, animal, human does need at some time in their life}.