scraps, stitching, tea & the start of a dress

This morning, while driving home from dropping kids at school + preschool, I passed my dad + Sam going in the other direction. Last minute plans meant Sam was spending the day helping my dad do some building on a job my dads working on.

That meant a day at home alone, for me!

A long chat to my sister on the phone, the first of many cups of gen Mai (green tea with burnt rice - very yum). I picked up the piles of clothes those children leave everywhere, swept the floors, shook the rugs, a few other little jobs.

Then some inspirations and thoughts jumped into my mind. And here I am with fabric, scissors, needle and thread in front of me.

I'm hoping to get to my sewing machine tomorrow so I can stitch this up properly and turn it into the dress that's in my mind. Stay tuned for more.......

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