the garden song and dance

If you can't find me anywhere else, look for me in the garden.

I'm loving this little space of ours. The first proper real vege garden we've had in a long long time. It's not really very planned, but it's growing happily and that's what matters most.

I am enjoying just sitting at the garden and watching what has grown from yesterday, or even this morning. Seeing the growth of little plants, and the changes that are happening every single day is just wonderful. Now that Spring is here it is so easy to notice the changes. I'm soaking it all up.

I do think one of the big reasons I'm enjoying being in this little spot so much is because of the possibilities of it all. What will we eat over the coming weeks and months. What new plants and seeds will I put in those extra spaces. What will we have extra of that we'll be able to preserve for the colder months. Oh the possibilities. Also, the fact that I can see things happening - well nothing much is happening around the rest of our lives, nothing so obvious anyway.

[House building is creeping closer to beginning. We bought some second hand windows + doors yesterday, and I do think we have almost got a final house plan. And my dad is almost ready to begin the job. I guess we do have to wait for the weather to be sunshiney now.....].

We have lots of lettuce at the moment. Some lovely freckle leaf lettuces that I enjoy looking at.
The carrots are growing slowly - we're waiting eagerly, impatiently.
The snow peas are popping new flowers each day. So beautiful. Snow pea dance. The flowers look like a Georgia O'Keeffe painting contender. Oh yes.
The strawberries are growing bit by bit - green fruits, we made a good little bamboo frame with netting for them to be protected from the birds. There is so much happening, and I keep planning and dreaming more.
Silverbeet and Asian greens happily being picked every second day or so.
Basil and tomatoes growing beside each other. Not ready yet, but growing. A creature has been nibbling the tops of the tomato plants, but there are more - and more planted. I'm planning a whole bed of tomatoes for eating raw fresh from the bush, cooked and also (hoping hoping) preserved / canned.

"I have but one desire as a painter – that is to paint what I see, as I see it, in my own way, without regard for the desires or taste of the professional dealer or the professional collector."-
Georgia O’Keeffe