camping / family

During the holidays my brother was up from Melbourne, with his girlfriend + son. We hadn't seen them for so so long. I miss my brother so much when he's not here - sometimes I forget how much I miss him. He gives good good hugs, you know. Real hugs, where he stops and is there with you. Not thinking about where the next rushing off thing is happening.
Anyway, we all got together and camped in our yard. All of us - me+my siblings and our bits of associated family - haven't been together for such a long time. Too long actually.
It was lots of fun. I think the kids all had an excellent time. There were enough adults to help out with all things, the food was delicious and overflowing. The camp fire was beautiful.
Moments were at times rushed with life, and - as it happened - death as well.
We talked about doing it again, soon. Perhaps as soon as Christmas time - camping in Summer means swimming at the creek and not being in the 3degreesC mornings, waiting for the sun arrive. 

Anyway, these are a few photos from those days together. Not excellent. Not many. And not one single photo of all of us together. Oh well. Perhaps next time I'll be more organised to MAKE the family photo happen!