Last week I went to a talk / seminar on copyright. It was taken by someone from the Sydney National Art Gallery, who works with all the gallery's major artworks and keeps track of what is still in copyright, what's not, etc. Was an interesting talk. Unfortunately it was a bit too aim towards big industry / artists / galleries, etc; rather than hand crafted or smaller artists. She didn't talk very much about online 'stealing' or 'appropriation'.
There were a few questions from people about what could they do if they find out someone has used (stolen) their work. Surprisingly one person put his hand up and said he uses images from online and changes them slightly to turn them into print (he asked what the percentage rule was - something I've head numerous times over the past years, which really doesn't mean too much, I don't think).
There's been many, oh too too many, times I've noticed and heard people's work / ideas / intellectual property has been taken and reused by someone else.

I just found this site, called Link With Love. Isn't that a sweet little name, and what an excellent idea. With all these continually and rapidly growing sites where people repin or retweet or re.....somethingelse someone else's work, it gets hard finding the original source. I have many images I've lost the original for - oh, I dearly wish I still had them (I do try very had to keep track of all sources, but sometimes I can't find it try as hard as I can).
So, the next time you find something really lovely that you want to share with us all - please make sure you link it back to the original source. Cause I for one know that I will probably want to visit them to check out more beautiful they do - the photographer, model, stylist, designer, hair, make-up................

Isn't this poster so so so excellent. It's by Erin Loechner and Pia Jane Bikerk*, with font by Yvette van Boven.

*I still haven't got Pia's new book, have you? Is it as beautifully scrumptious as it looks........
** click on images to be taken to source; Erin + Pia.
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