Easter Geometry by Dietlind Wolf
I had planned this past week to do some natural dyeing with some chicken eggs. We even blew out the eggs and have the shells sitting and waiting. 

Despite not having the time to get them made, the real reason was that the children weren't so interested and we don't exactly have the space in our home for endless decorations and such.

Easter to us is really chocolate day. Chocolate is a religion isn't it! 

These beautifully designed egg making crafts fit more within the art & design category than the usual crafting that happens at schools and such. So amazing. I think these are perfect for any time of year - perhaps for our Southern Hemisphere Spring when it comes around?

Here's my little round-up. You only have to jump onto Pinterest to find about a trillion more......

I follow Lisa on Instagram, and am always inspired by her work - her tutorials, photos and printables that she shares are so lovely. She also has a round up of some of her favourite eggish crafty finds on her blog.  
Chalkboard Eggs from The Red Thread
These chalkboard eggs, by Lisa from The Red Thread sure are cute and would be lovely as party table settings. I'm sure kids would have lots of fun with writing special messages on these.
Egg shell and macrame hangers by The Red Thread
Macrame is super hot right now. I think my mum would love that, she sure was a bit of a macrame queen in her days (and also was known to have worn a crochet itsy bitsy bikini!). But macrame is a bit more funked up and modern than it used to be. Check out this tutorial, again by Lisa.

Tablescape by Dietlind Wolf
These were made for Living at Home magazine. Oh where can I find that publication. WOW oh WOW! I needn't say anything more about this delicious amazing fantastical vibrant eggish tablescape. Imagine sitting down for a family Easter lunch to this.

Eggs the Design*Sponge way!
The sweetest little eggish necklace from Design*Sponge
You can count on Design*Sponge to take egg decorating to a whole other level. These are simply stunning! There are tutorials for these and more, so pop on over to do some making or simply be inspired.

If you'd like to try your hand at some naturally dyed eggs, use things like turmeric, red cabbage, onion skins or beetroot. Some vinegar or salt in the water helps the colour to be fast, but it'll be a soft faded type of dye. It's a lovely and very satisfying activity, simple to do in your kitchen.

It's all Pozible {Belinda Kemp :: Gretchenmist}

If you've been reading here for a while then you'll know about the amazing site called Pozible. Last year we launched our own Pozible campaign with the Hey Maker Pop-Up project. Many of you were along for the ride, and helped us out. And how cool was that!
We reached our goal, and successfully ran out project thanks to the support of many people helping out with lots of little bits. 

I'm really pleased to share with you another creative who is following her dreams, and raising funds through Pozible to make her project a reality. 

Belinda Kemp is a Melbourne artist who works in the most beautiful and emotional colour palette. Her paintings are evocative and thoughtful in a soft and subtle way - they don't force you, but softly guide you along a journey. 

Last year Belinda had some intense and big things happen in her life. One would say life-changing events. You can hear about it on her Pozible campaign. Needless to say, this alone is an inspiring and courageous story. To move through this by using her art work and painting is a special thing. 

Belinda's hope is to travel to Gotenburg, Sweden, this year, to attend a camp run by Camilla Engman, who is an artistic inspiration to many many creatives around this world.

My thoughts on sites like Pozible are, that we can all spare $10-$25 (or more) on little things that make a big difference to someone else. Give up take away coffee for a week, and donate to Belinda (or maybe one of the other interesting, thoughtful, creative, unique, strange, crazy dreams that people share on Pozible). For Belinda to access any of the funds already donated, she needs to reach her whole goal. Pozible is an all-or-nothing site. 

So, jump on over and have a look. There are some delicious rewards on offer, but come on - the best reward is the warm feeling you get by helping someone else achieve their dream. Sending someone off to explore somewhere on your behalf. Knowing you had a part to play in someone else's life is a bigger stronger and happier feeling that you might image.......

And Pozible campaign here - where you can pledge your donation.

*all images from Belinda Kemp's blog and Pozible site. I've only included a few, as I want you to go off an have an explore for yourself of Belinda's works.

skies {and looking up}

A week of rain last week got us all down and mopey again. I think everyone in the Tweed Valley is affected by the rain the same way. All these years of wet and moss and mould and weather predictions that one friend joked could be the same for the next year.

So - seeing sunshine yesterday, and glorious blue skies today. It's enough to make us happy again. Anything's possible when the sky is blue and the only clouds we see are the pretty ones all coloured by the afternoon sun.

I love watching the morning shadows stretching into our yard.
This morning, while waiting for the school bus, the kids and I spotted spider web filled with dew, and fine early morning mist, and the sun slowly creeping over the mountains. And the birds were calling.

What a glorious start to the week. Winter is well and truely here.

     :: other lovely things from around ::
} my brother and his partner on the radio, talking about CSA
} fig and fauna - on such a pretty blog to look at, about life on a homesteading farm.
} Alex Falkiner - been so loving seeing her stitching work and colourful images on Instagram.
} Lotta's new exclusive collection - this top especially.
} and the sweet games my littlies were playing over the weekend - M dressed in her yellow tutu as Pikachu and A with a specially made Pokemon belt, as the trainer Ash.

new monkey-play (with easter eggs in pretty foils)

Can I tell you how sad I was to find out that Picnik was packing up it's pretty little rug and shooing away the ants. I relied on Picnic to make my blog headers and other little bits and pieces for online editing. Was easy, simple, quick and do-able with no long training videos or downloads.

So - it was with much excitement that I read on Kimono Reincarnate's blog about a new site called PicMonkey. I jumped straight on to have a try. EASY easy I tell you, and fun and so much excellent stuff there.

Currently there is no collage option, which is what I liked about Picnik, but they say coming soon. So I can wait.

Go check it out for yourself. These are some of the fun edits I did - the heart / arrow one being my favourite, probably because I don't generally go in for that myself though *heart* it when someone else does it....

le fleur

there's a lot of green around me, where i live. a lot. different sorts of greens. amazing greens.
there are also flowers, moss, mushrooms, leaves - oh leaves of endless colourful brightness to entice me and enchant me.

but sometimes. just sometimes.
i'd like to be able to slip into a beautiful florist shop. to stop and fill my head with the aroma of such a space.
and to stand and ponder and drift off on a little dream. as sometimes can happen, in fact perhaps has actually been known to happen, in a beautiful florist shop.

alas there are none near to where i live. and if i'm near to one - well it seems silly, or frivolous or just down right unfair to even enter and tease myself. so.... i don't.

but i have been dreaming of being able to bring home a crazily over-the-top bunch of gloriousness.deliciousness.splendiferousness...... oh yes i have. do you know that feeling?

instead, i'll try, just try, to fulfill a little of that hunger with some of these images. i'm pinning more as i find them. share some with me too, if you dare xxx

images used with kind kind thanks from:
1, 2 & 3 Saipua - so much goodness there! / 4 House on Hill Road /5 by me, taken at my friend's wedding last year, at dear sweet Kate's house / 6 Sweet Eventide / 7 Broadturn Farm / 8 Sonia Pell / 9 by me

and .....

there's some big big splotches of rain falling on our roof right now. right now.
the sun was up and shining this morning. but those grey smudgey clouds are there now.

i'm writing lists - both on paper, and in my head.
but really i'm thinking about what direction, where to go, where to push and pull, and move.
that sort of thing.

suddenly it's moved into march. well - how did that happen. the year stumbling, flying along.
suddenly i've got lots happening. and need to be using my diary and calendar and planner efficiently.
suddenly i'm busy with all sorts of things.

but really i'm being slow and thinking each thing as i'm doing it. i'm trying hard to do this, to remember to do this. to focus on the one thing in front of me. trying trying.

i didn't do any sewing today. but tomorrow i will. i'll make sure i do. i'll do some crochet perhaps - right now. well, after lunch, how about.

things i'm liking around the webosphere today -
ink & spindle's new colourway range. those shorts sure are good.good.good!
the outtakes from this fashion collection, seen on sang the bird's blog
this year, some good things to do and remember from le project d.amour's blog. found on  satsuma press.
all the new work that Tiel is doing lately. i'm seeing it on instagram, on pinterest. wishing for walls (a house!!) to put something up. 
Hugo's wonderful polar bear party. oh that cake! Kate, you're an inspiration.
Sandrine, you really are making me happy, making me smile. with your words, your images (oh those flowers from your garden!).

tell me, what are you liking today.....
* that's me looking happy, with a postage bag on my head (it was such a great pattern, i was trying to work out what i could make with it).

right now

the kids will be home from school momentarily.
my computer will run out of power momentarily.

right now the sun is shining hard. its pushed the clouds away and forced itself past the rain we've had. the cicadas are calling. they're booming. getting as much said as they can while the sun is warming them.

this pile of crochet circles is steadily growing. bit by bit I tie another one off my hook. I'm finishing all the strings as I go - I think it would be too much to do it all at the end. But then, that may happen too.

I'm making more crochet covered stones and rocks. mostly collected our creek. perhaps we'll visit the beach soon and collect some from there as well. there seems to be lots of stones along the beaches these days. I keep giving away all the crochet rocks. we barely have any left. and I keep planning on making more for giving away as well. I do love making them, and having them around the house - I'd so love a whole bowlful - that lovely wooden bowl we have. but I also love giving them away.

right now. that's how things are happening.
I'm loving ::
Kate's this week list - I wish mine was that delicious sounding.
Jacqui's wrong side.
Kristen's sweet coasters she made for a friend.
Leah's night romantic inky image.
Abby's sweet place and the light in her life.

*in total disclosure. That moment is over. I'm in another moment right now - at my dad's, with my computer charging, and the mosquitos eating me alive. I keep forgetting, ever forgetting that my moments slip away......... endlessly gone into some other place of non-memory/vague forget/sometimes retain. those moments.


Last week I went to a talk / seminar on copyright. It was taken by someone from the Sydney National Art Gallery, who works with all the gallery's major artworks and keeps track of what is still in copyright, what's not, etc. Was an interesting talk. Unfortunately it was a bit too aim towards big industry / artists / galleries, etc; rather than hand crafted or smaller artists. She didn't talk very much about online 'stealing' or 'appropriation'.
There were a few questions from people about what could they do if they find out someone has used (stolen) their work. Surprisingly one person put his hand up and said he uses images from online and changes them slightly to turn them into print (he asked what the percentage rule was - something I've head numerous times over the past years, which really doesn't mean too much, I don't think).
There's been many, oh too too many, times I've noticed and heard people's work / ideas / intellectual property has been taken and reused by someone else.

I just found this site, called Link With Love. Isn't that a sweet little name, and what an excellent idea. With all these continually and rapidly growing sites where people repin or retweet or re.....somethingelse someone else's work, it gets hard finding the original source. I have many images I've lost the original for - oh, I dearly wish I still had them (I do try very had to keep track of all sources, but sometimes I can't find it try as hard as I can).
So, the next time you find something really lovely that you want to share with us all - please make sure you link it back to the original source. Cause I for one know that I will probably want to visit them to check out more beautiful they do - the photographer, model, stylist, designer, hair, make-up................

Isn't this poster so so so excellent. It's by Erin Loechner and Pia Jane Bikerk*, with font by Yvette van Boven.

*I still haven't got Pia's new book, have you? Is it as beautifully scrumptious as it looks........
** click on images to be taken to source; Erin + Pia.

lovely things today

it's raining again here. quiet and thoughtful mood. i have lots of things i want to post about - but no photos to share (camera isn't with me at the moment..), so instead i want to show you some beautiful images i am enjoying around the web today. {just a very small selection, mind you - there's always more over here, if you want....}

 {sweet crochet mushrooms, by Kate from Greedy For Colour.}

{glorious curtains + colours, from my collections of links - forgotten where, sorry}

{this beautiful bedroom scene, from Flora Douville}

{these peonies from House on Hill Road - they look like ballerina dresses. 
i so wish we could grow these here}

{this amazing, divine, dreamy scene from Tim Walker}

{this image from the soon-to-be released "Second Skin" by India Flint}

 {from Rummage. oh - no words to describe how this makes me feel}

*all images used with big thanks from the original sources.

things for {other} kids

Ari and I have been talking, for a short while (as I'm not too organised with the gift doing this year), about what he might want to give any of the kids from his class as little end of year treasures. Generally I'm not much in for having to give gifts to random (as in 23+) kids, especially as christmas gifts. But, I'm thinking of it more as the fact that he's had a great year at school, and they really are a lovely bunch of little kids (5-6yr olds), and that we're not going to be here next year.
I haven't been able to think of anything that a) doesn't cost a heap of money to buy/make b) doesn't take me hours and hours of thought and making process & c) isn't something that they'll either throw in a corner in their room, to become a pile of stuff.
We all know how those piles of stuff build up. 

And then, I came across this lovely tutorial. Quick, easy, colourful, I can use basically whatever fabrics I have in my stash, and make a whole stack in a few hours. This is perfect for little kids - they can store treasures, collecting cards, stones, or sweet little hankies. I am not a tissue person - in case you haven't guessed that aspect about me (one less wasted tissue, I think) - so I'll be searching for some (cheap) but pretty hankies to include in this pouches. I suppose I could sew up my own hankies; but what sort of fabric would I use?? 

If you have any other ideas of things I could make, instead, please let me know. I'm planning on bringing my sewing machine home from the studio, and will have to get these made over the next few days. As there is one week of school left. WOW - that's gone so quickly....

PS - it's raining again, here. Sylv + I have decided not to do the Southbank YDM today, as I really don't want my clothing range to get wet and damp in our soggy weather. There's no end to the rain anytime soon....

*images used with kind thanks from Sew Mama Sew & JCasa *handmade. Thanks Jennifer for this perfectly timed tutorial. And weather radar from Bureau of Meteorology.

{pincushions} fingers and houses in tea cups

Just a little bit of pincushion inspiration, for those of you part of my swap - and for those of you just wanting some sweet little inspiration this morning. these little pieces are so intricate and lovingly made - almost too good to use as a pincushion; but then again - isn't it to use  and see beautiful things in your everyday life.

{cloudy and coldish on this last day of September. the sun was here this morning, shinning in my bedroom window, but has now disappeared behind a sky of mottled grey and dense and dark white}.

Finger pincushions from Victoria & Albert Museum shop. Found on Lobster and Swan.
A whole Town tea cup pincushions from Mimi K (flickr). Thanks Holly for sending me the link. 
*all images used with thanks from original source.

i'm coveting

l: Nola Laptop Wrap in Tomato  r: Josephine in Fushia Tree Navy

I've always loved Amy Butler's fabrics and styling and sense of passion, combined with her love of colour and shapes and overall attitude.
I buy little pieces here and there, but really want her whole fabric collection. Just to have. I sew with it in small amounts, eeking it out so that it can last and last.
You know, trying to do the whole, not buying lots of new things and more fabrics and that sort of thing.

I've got her book, Midwest Modern. Which I love. Seeing sneaks into her life, and her home, and her inspiration. And the lovely natural easy way she writes, as if the book is her sitting and telling stories.

l: Josephine in Fushia Tree Navy r: Josephine in Fushia Tree Tomato

And now, I've just received an email (I'm on her mailing list), about her newest range of handbags and travel cases. And oh. oh. oh. That's pretty much all I can say. I don't know what got me about them. The colours, the shapes, the organic cotton, the practicality of them, the sweet little Amy swing tag.
Even though I sew, I don't often get to sew for myself, and often not spend time designing and making new things. So, even though I have quite a million bags one more special special special one wouldn't hurt, would it.

l: Muriel in Fushia Tree Tomato  r: Opal in Fushia Tree Navy

In truth, the last bag that I actually bought, as opposed to sewed for myself, was a Lulu bag, which do I love but is one of those covered in plastic style bags, so gets hot in Summer.
So, Sam, if you're reading this - this is what I want for Christmas. Only, I can't decide which one I like best. Some help please, do tell me your favourite colour, style. What would you choose? {Actually, there's two on this list that I wouldn't mind having - both very practical. Isn't that laptop bag so lovely. I'd feel very special showing up to meetings with my lappy in one of those!}.

l: Muriel in Fushia Tree navy  r: Opal in Fushia Tree Tomato

I'm not going to tell you my top ones, but am really keen to hear what you think you'd choose.

*Click on each image to be taken to it's link.

to mark the dates

There is no calendar on my walls this year.
Is that the reason I'm so disorganised?
I decided that I didn't want to buy one of those regular calendars again; one year we have The Hungry Caterpillar, one year we had beautiful Antarctic photography by Frank Hurley, one year we had Degas, and Klimt. And many others I can't even remember.

 2010 Art Calendar by Gretchenmist - this one will be on my wall next year.

I have already bought my calendar for next year. But I'm still seeing more and more in my online looking - and keeping wanting more and more. Is that because I want to, need to be more organised next year. Or is it because there are so many amazing calendars around.
And I don't mean the ones from regular shops (though I have noticed a theme with them this year, that they are mostly all being printed on 'eco' paper - which is a good thing).
I mean the beautiful hand crafted ones. The ones I see on PaperNStitch (of that one page search, there are many that I do like), or Etsy (though out of that 4,463 I'm not sure how many I do actually like - and to be totally honest with you - have not searched through all of them!), or on blogs here and there.

Above top: The Art Of... Calendar by Emily Ann
Above bottom: Tea Towel Calendar by Cicada Daydream

Hand Screen Printed Advent Calendar by Kristen Doran

I'd love to know your favourite calendars for next year - one can never be too organised!

*All images used with thanks. Click on each image to be taken to source. 


Is it just me, or is this a pretty looking skyline.
Not just the possibility of what those massive structures mean.
But the way they look
like they're tumbling across the hilltop.

image from here, found via an email from this woman. Go and have a read

night tree

I just changed my wallpaper!

Now we all know that I didn't actually wallpaper my house, don't we. We know my computer has a pretty new picture on it. Oh, redecorating is so fun and easy and quick. All you do is click, click, click and it's done. Clean up in computer land isn't much harder is it.
Not so easy when I turn away from the glow of the screen and look at the "real" house behind me - the sewing room, the kids bedroom, the clothes to put away, the carpets to vacuum........... We all know why we spend so much time on these pretty computers of ours.

Anyway, my new wallpaper is from Tiel's blog, tsk tsk. It's the Night Tree. Free wallpaper, isn't that lovely and sharing - letting us all enjoy her artwork. Thank you Tiel.

PS - I may have a giveaway next week, depending on if condition are good or not....
Also, signups for my PIF end on Monday - I've decided to not limit it to only three, so anyone who comments will receive a special gift from me if they commit to pay it forward.


lately I've been spending way too much time on this new little white computer toy of mine. it's all work related, I promise. I've actually been checking in on my favourite blogs way less than I want to - restaining myself is quiet hard.

it's late night / early morning here. that's the time that us mum crafters, bloggers, small business owners sit up and keep on getting it all done. listening to the possum laughing from the tree outside, and the crickets squirking. and the silence of sleeping city. and sleeping house. and the cold of those not-sure-if -it's-Spring rainy sort of weather.

i've been picking up little bits of colour inspiration all over the place these past few days. not so much outside of this little computer world - except of course the beautiful little children, who can also be terrors.
so, some images that have been propelling my on, despite the tiredness of the work that's to be done. the images that are propelling thoughts and ideas and hopes and wishes. a random assortment that doesn't mean much, except to make me smile.

red quilt

so, ummm. here i am trying to get some solid work done on number one of the list (which does involve sitting at my computer, but not umm... reading blogs). and already i'm distracted. to my defense, the kids aren't in bed yet and don't show any signs they will be soon - so until they're asleep i can't devote total concentration to the writing of a business plan.*

anyway - i've been watching little snippets of this beautiful quilt project, all around some of my favourite blogs. it's a bit of inspiration for the quilt for Ari (the not-yet-started-though-promised-for-more-than-a year-now quilt). he likes red, and i wanted something that wasn't dinosaurs or cars or any kid / boy generalised thing. and something that would continue to look beautiful for many years. if i'm going to make a special quilt, then i should make it really special.

have a look around at these places:
Maika Creations
Clutter Punk

there's a whole rambling tumble of amazing bloggers who are quilting in red - check out the list here, and the photos here. Can't wait to see the finished piece of work.

Okay, good night. Back to my 'real' work.
* just wanted to mention for any of you thinking of starting your own (craft) business, the business plan writing is a very important aspect. its a living, breathing document that can change with you as your business ideas change and evolve. so, don't skip past the writing of a business plan - take your time and think about it.

** photos are from Maika Creations and Clutter Punk. Click on each photo to visit their flickr sites. Used with permission, thank you.

now i know my abc

I saw this lovely little thing over at Pip's site. It's my a -z of web.
What you do is type each letter of the alphabet into the address bar of your web search, one letter at a time. And whatever first comes up is your most visited site. You can use the second or third one, if you need for security reasons. Let's see how busy I've been.
a :: australia post parcel postage calculator; amazon; anna maria horner
b ::big cartel; brisstyle; bits of sunshine
c :: chikaustin; camp creek blog; cheeky beaks
d :: dear fii; dell (check out there designs!); duckcloth
e :: ebay; etsy; ecoyarns
f :: flickr; fishpond; felt; for the riders (this one is Sam's, but I wanted to include it)
g :: green olive; google analytics; gaye abandon
h :: hemp gallery; house on hill road; helylle-fotrata styling experience
i :: ink and spindle; inspiration boards; infusion fibres
j :: jetstar (can dream and plan, can't I?!); jc handmade; kylie johnson - paper boat press
k :: kindling; kirin notebook; katelyn aslett
l :: living creatively; little red caboose; lisa mitchell
m :: meet me at mikes; mix tap zine; magdalena
n :: nesting bird interiors; national geographic kids; nicola cerini
o :: one small room; old yarns; open
p :: peppermint mag; papernstitch; powell peralta (another one of Sam's)
q :: quickbeds (more wishful thinking)
r :: red seed studio; red felt flower; real estate (more dreaming and planning)
s :: stitches and craft show; soulemama; sew mama sew
t :: two cheese please; tsk tsk; thread den
u :: udder; under the shade of a bonsai tree; udessi
v :: virgin blue (I so want to go to Sydney for the Stitches & Craft show - check out 'S')
w :: whereis; what katy did; windbag and thunder; world sweet world
x :: xe currency converter (does anyone have something different to this!); xln fabrics
y :: you tube (again, Sam's link); you sew girl
z :: zakkaya

I do have to admit there was a teeny bit of artistic editing here, but hey that's the beauty of a blog. Check out a few more abcd's here, here and here.

image found via Google Image search for alphabet. from HGTV:design happens site.
Tiel makes some very beautiful personalised abcs for kids or adults.

thursday grand designs* :: old yarns.reclaimed linens

I have mentioned Kristina before, when I received her beautiful tresor pocket as a giveaway gift.
I was lucky enough to chat to Kristina each day at the craft show. She was one of the most serenely and beautifully dressed people throughout the whole show - every day. I only wish I'd taken some photos of her in her outfits.New to the oldyarns.reclaimed linens etsy shop are some simply cute and adorable little paper boat kits. le petit bateau kit; French magazine papers to make into sweet little boats - for little kids and big kids!
I like the packaging; the attention to detail; the little things that matter most.Image courtesy of Old Yarns.Reclaimed Linens.

I wish I knew someone who would appreciate the love and care that has gone into this parcel.
(my little sailors would surely knock the wind out of these paper creations).

my favourite show Grand Designs is on each Thursday.