lately I've been spending way too much time on this new little white computer toy of mine. it's all work related, I promise. I've actually been checking in on my favourite blogs way less than I want to - restaining myself is quiet hard.

it's late night / early morning here. that's the time that us mum crafters, bloggers, small business owners sit up and keep on getting it all done. listening to the possum laughing from the tree outside, and the crickets squirking. and the silence of sleeping city. and sleeping house. and the cold of those not-sure-if -it's-Spring rainy sort of weather.

i've been picking up little bits of colour inspiration all over the place these past few days. not so much outside of this little computer world - except of course the beautiful little children, who can also be terrors.
so, some images that have been propelling my on, despite the tiredness of the work that's to be done. the images that are propelling thoughts and ideas and hopes and wishes. a random assortment that doesn't mean much, except to make me smile.