It's all Pozible {Belinda Kemp :: Gretchenmist}

If you've been reading here for a while then you'll know about the amazing site called Pozible. Last year we launched our own Pozible campaign with the Hey Maker Pop-Up project. Many of you were along for the ride, and helped us out. And how cool was that!
We reached our goal, and successfully ran out project thanks to the support of many people helping out with lots of little bits. 

I'm really pleased to share with you another creative who is following her dreams, and raising funds through Pozible to make her project a reality. 

Belinda Kemp is a Melbourne artist who works in the most beautiful and emotional colour palette. Her paintings are evocative and thoughtful in a soft and subtle way - they don't force you, but softly guide you along a journey. 

Last year Belinda had some intense and big things happen in her life. One would say life-changing events. You can hear about it on her Pozible campaign. Needless to say, this alone is an inspiring and courageous story. To move through this by using her art work and painting is a special thing. 

Belinda's hope is to travel to Gotenburg, Sweden, this year, to attend a camp run by Camilla Engman, who is an artistic inspiration to many many creatives around this world.

My thoughts on sites like Pozible are, that we can all spare $10-$25 (or more) on little things that make a big difference to someone else. Give up take away coffee for a week, and donate to Belinda (or maybe one of the other interesting, thoughtful, creative, unique, strange, crazy dreams that people share on Pozible). For Belinda to access any of the funds already donated, she needs to reach her whole goal. Pozible is an all-or-nothing site. 

So, jump on over and have a look. There are some delicious rewards on offer, but come on - the best reward is the warm feeling you get by helping someone else achieve their dream. Sending someone off to explore somewhere on your behalf. Knowing you had a part to play in someone else's life is a bigger stronger and happier feeling that you might image.......

And Pozible campaign here - where you can pledge your donation.

*all images from Belinda Kemp's blog and Pozible site. I've only included a few, as I want you to go off an have an explore for yourself of Belinda's works.

lovely things today

it's raining again here. quiet and thoughtful mood. i have lots of things i want to post about - but no photos to share (camera isn't with me at the moment..), so instead i want to show you some beautiful images i am enjoying around the web today. {just a very small selection, mind you - there's always more over here, if you want....}

 {sweet crochet mushrooms, by Kate from Greedy For Colour.}

{glorious curtains + colours, from my collections of links - forgotten where, sorry}

{this beautiful bedroom scene, from Flora Douville}

{these peonies from House on Hill Road - they look like ballerina dresses. 
i so wish we could grow these here}

{this amazing, divine, dreamy scene from Tim Walker}

{this image from the soon-to-be released "Second Skin" by India Flint}

 {from Rummage. oh - no words to describe how this makes me feel}

*all images used with big thanks from the original sources.

oh toasty toasty {inspiration}

Last week, Sam came home from town, with the mail*, and handed me the two new catalogues from Toast. I know I've mentioned these lovely lovely catalogues before. Check them out, please do. They send these for free.

The styling is so so me. I love every bit of it. The mood, the colours, the light. And oh those settings. One of the big things about living in this country of mine (Australia), is that we are so far away from places like Morocco, Spain, France, Italy.... 

Toast, being a UK company, can just flit off there for their photo shoots. Oh. Oh. Oh. Those locations. 

I really love the styling, and never realised before my Shannon Fricke workshop, that it was by Twig Hutchinson. Oh, have a look over at her site. Now. I'm waiting here for you to look.

Anyway. I'm loving looking through the Toast catalogues, both the house&home and the Early Spring fashion one. Simply lovely. And so so continually inspiring. I have the Christmas one on my bookshelf, and flip through it often - to gaze at the luscious deep velvet dresses and shoes and.....

* Now that we live in the 'country' we have a mail box in town, at the main post office. This means no daily mail box check, only whenever we go into town once or twice a week. Sometimes I miss that feeling of hearing the mail delivery (wo)man driving down the street and stopping at our mail box, and running outside to check. But, then the up-side is that there's the anticipation of waiting to open the mail box with our key and peer inside the box. Sometimes a parcel slip means we have to head into the post office and hand the slip over, stating our box number, and then waiting while the ladies go off to find our parcel. The anticipation of a parcel......
HA - I just thought..... Does anyone want to do a parcel swap with me. Something little, something special, something thoughtful, something crafty, or a magazine from your country/town...... something something something. Email me if you like this idea {} or leave a comment.

afternoon tea & a few good books on the back verandah {or what would you call your autobiography....}

This is my little styled scene from the Shannon Fricke workshop last week. We did a theme board, using magazine tearsheets. I really like the colour tones.moods I've used; though a lot of the elements aren't quite right. The cushions should be much bigger, it really is out of proportion. And the white pebbles on the ground were putting me off quite a bit (though looking at the image on Shannon's blog they don't look too terrible).
Isn't that old metal tambourine just amazingly beautiful. Shannon had pulled some fantastic treasures from her collections for us to use in our styling. The cushion is from Cloth Fabric, and the little red vessel is from Shannon's new Free Range collection. That piece of blue cloth really reminded me of my mum, as many years ago she hand dyed some similar colour tones onto similar weave fabric; and we had pieces she'd made (cushions and things) around our home while I was growing up. And of course, that roll of twine is so very us - as we use jute and hemp twine in our packaging and always have a few rolls about. Though none of ours are on such pretty wooden spools. Note to self: Must look out for pretty wooden spools.

This is Lea's corner, which didn't quite get finished. A long day ran away from us too quickly and we didn't have time for all that we wanted! I love her tender little colours and attention to the smallest details - those budlets sitting in the vases, and the sparkly theme running through it all. And let me tell you - that piece of fabric sitting there was the most sublime piece of almost costume-like theatricality of perfection. I saw many woman stop and be enthralled by it during the day. I'm sure I've shown you scenes of Lea's home before, perhaps I'll have to search my archives and show you again and she does have a wonderful knack for styling in a real warm sense, and beautiful collection of special pieces in her home. {You see, I told you she was our sister by interest and talent and such}.

This was Sylv's corner. Afternoon tea and a few good books on the back verandah. Ha - that could be the title to Sylv's memoirs. No.....? Those green colours are just perfectly Sylv. Well, actually I think perhaps she's actually really a bit of a deeper green, but it's not far off. And the rambling shelf of plants with that beautiful touch-me-touch-me-but only ever so gently teapot. It has translucent spots on the lid. Oh, it was lovely. {Both Sylv + I spotted it on the kitchen counter as we walked into the room at the start of the day}. I'll just let you know, though, Sylv doesn't read Country Style magazine - not quite her cup-of-tea; just so you don't get different ideas about who she is, and all......

Looking at these three images now. I do quite like that in some way they somehow each vaguely represent each of the three of us as people. Maybe I'm just rambling now, or maybe my tired thoughts are making some real sense. {It is almost 9pm people, and now that I live in the county it's quite my bedtime! Though I do have some new library books I'm going to curl up with....}.

This is Take One, well, Take Two actually, but the top (first) picture is Take Three which is really Take One. If you get what I mean. ie - I just wanted to try something different, but went back to my original first setting, after having to check that less really was more and took out those play matchboxes.

One important thing that Shannon made us remember/realise was that even though you may have an excellent theme.idea.storyboard.location it might all go to pieces on the day of the styling shoot. So, be prepared for Plan B, which is to fly by the seat of you perfectly knowledgeable stylish pants.

*Shannon wrote a lovely little post about the workshop day on her blog too. And look.look.look she included the styling corners of both mine + Sylvs. Yah to that!

the process of making things look beautiful

 {This was the props table, full of all the things we could use to 
make our own little scenes. What a glorious collection of beautiful pieces}

Last week I went to a styling workshop, with two of my sisters*. 

It was with the lovely, talented and very friendly Shannon Fricke. She has a beautiful, open, light and dreamy studio space in Bangalow; where she works on her styling for magazines (such as RealLiving, InsideOut, Country Style, and many many overseas editions), her books, as well as her interior designer business. She has also just launched her first collection of ceramic pieces, which are made locally, and were dotted all around the studio space with a perfect feel of touch-me please glaze.shapes.colours.

We all had such a fun day - though boy was it tiring sitting and listening to Shannon talk about her amazing life, and all that she gets up to! The lunch was delicious; with some very yummy tastes and nice care and attention to the food. Always good to enjoy well prepared, healthy yet delicious and luxurious food.

These scenes really do look like a proper styled home / studio, don't they. I so like that Shannon's styling is clean, neat, and beautiful, yet very real, livable, a place where you feel you can mess things a little bit, and there is space to curl up your feet on the chair and read a book or two in the afternoon light. 

 {this is the 'after' image of that beautiful table laden with styling props}

I came away from the workshop quite inspired to get myself into some new projects. Also, with the big reminder that both Sam + I need to be more focussed on certain particular things about Red Seed Studio. The fun part of finally getting all my inspiration images / tearsheets into some sort of order, so that I can actually look at them is a start. Making theme boards is also a really worthwhile process that I'm going to try to do more often. Pinterest is an excellent online way of keeping inspiration images in one place, and organised too; but often I really need the tactileness of some magazine pages to touch.

*for those of you wondering, about "two of my sisters". Yes, I do only actually have two birth sisters; but have another sister by love and common interests. She is the mother of one of my nephews and I've known her since I was about 13 or so.

planning a new dress

We're heading off on our holiday in just a little time. {Sam + me, no kids, 4 glorious days of no kids. Did you hear that N.O. K.I.D.S!! And we're staying at a lush looking 4 star resort over the bay of Tauranga. Yah to the NZ-Aussie$ exchange rate}.
Going to my dear friends wedding. And a wedding is an excuse, no a need, really, for a new dress. Being a fabric + sewing + designing type of person I really have to make my own, don't I! No flitting off to buy some off-the-rack mass produced thing. Oh, no, not for me. 
As I'm running out of time before we leave (and also planning our house packing, and still have to make the wedding gift) I'm designing something simple to make, with no darts and minimal zip / button hole details. I'm hoping to sit down tonight and start a prototype (a muslin or toile), so perhaps I'll have something to show you soon(ish...). 

As we've got a new camera (oh it's lovely), I don't have any photos to show you of anything from our daily happenings. Still haven't worked out how to get the photos from the camera to my computer (think I might have to go via Sam's computer, which has more editing programs than me). So, I'm leaving you with a few images from wedding dress inspiration - things that are feeding ideas in my mind. It's a casual garden party wedding in Summer time NZ; so I'm aiming for something simple and pretty, enough twirl for dancing and walking through lush NZ fields and  visiting  a really very pretty.pretty.colourful.warm.bright.home. (and meet a blogger who I've loved reading).

I love the soft suppleness of this. The silk is just the most beautiful colour. Of course, I won't be using silk as I'm aiming to use what's in my fabric piles. (Some lovely herb-dyed organic cotton + vintage kimono pieces, perhaps).

This one is on a similar idea, but with more structure at the waist, which is what I need for my body. So the dress don't look, as my husband said, 'frumpy'.

And I can't believe how much I love love love this beauty. Even the colour (which would never work with my skin tone) is something I'd consider for another time.another dress. But I think it's the layer upon layer of tumbling frills.
*all images used with thanks from original sources.

Hopefully I'll be back soon with some photos of our holiday times.

oh my oh my

These pieces are so intricately.amazingly.beautifully.colourfully.upliftingly. wonderful. aren't they.

I've had the pdf on my desktop for so long. Love opening it and looking every so often. Oh, to wear and feel and see any of these pieces.

*images are from
Rittenhouse x Husmann / Tschaeni (top) {go to about page to find more downloadable catalogues}
Rebecca Wolkenstein (last two)

Also see Husmann Tschaeni blog. oh my. oh my.

beauty for creativity

 eventually i discovered for myself the utterly simple
                     prescription for creativity: 
                                                                                               be intensely 
don’t try to be outstanding;
don’t try to be a success;
don’t try to do pictures 
                                                                                 for others 
                                                                                           to look at -
ralph steiner
found here. also,... some beautifulness.

* all images from Tim Walker. a whole lot of beautiful beautiful beautifulness.

spring from the back verandah

these are all taken from my back verandah. the people who lived here before the ones before us (many many years ago) had the fantastic foresight to plant some beautiful trees to fill our backyard. something that renters often forget to do (me included, as i thought we'd be out of this house in less than a year, but we're still here). 

> the pinks and greens of that new soft blush. i'm not sure what tree it is, but the new leaves and the flower buds have been lovely so watch. 
> tender pale green fresh leaves of the silky oak (top pics)
> the brown flower bracts - such a great shape for drawing.

spring is showing itself throughout the city in so many colours and shapes and aromas. though, if the weather week is anything to go by, summer is already pushing in with its sticky heat.


i bought this yesterday, with the intention of photographing it alongside some amazingly purple potatoes.

instead i took it the studio, and ate it. i took these few photos before my camera ran out of batteries. (of course, on the day i remember to take my camera and to take photos it decides then to run out of batteries. they're on charging now - so hopefully there'll be some studio images this week).

this tea pot (coffee pot?) is Nina's. it sits in the kitchen in our studio. soon she will take it away with her, when she leaves on her overseas adventure. i forget who it's by - the artist. but isn't the design just quite lovely. and the colours. 
i've got a geranium in my sketch book from many years ago, that i've been looking at this weekend past. perhaps there'll be a geranium print in our collection. most probably, in fact. but not quite yet. 

i thought a few things about pomegranates, while i sat on the back steps at the studio. in the quiet. and the hot hot day (it's rained now, this evening, so the night has cooled down).

i gobbled the precious little jewels of colour, the bursts of popping juice. threw them into my mouth in quick handfuls, and enjoyed the lusciousness of them. and the colour. 

i even stamped a print onto the kitchen (linen) tea towel. that bright intense jewel red actually printed purpleish violet. we'll see tomorrow if it stuck, or is only a faint impression of colour.

i dreamt of planting pomegranate trees on the land, but perhaps it's too wet there, so i can have them to pluck from a tree. to eat at the jewels. to mash them into my summer drinks. to sprinkle them over my salads. to use them to dye my fabric. to photograph them. to sit and think about the beauty of the pomegranate fruit. 

do you know the story of Persephone and the three pomegranate seeds she ate in the Underworld, when she was kidnapped by Hades? i surely would have spent the rest of eternity in the Underworld, and not running in the spring fields, based on the amount of seeds i ate today. (some interesting reading here, here, and look for Bullfinch's Golden Age of Myth & Legend at your local library, an absolute favourite of mine.)

{pincushions} fingers and houses in tea cups

Just a little bit of pincushion inspiration, for those of you part of my swap - and for those of you just wanting some sweet little inspiration this morning. these little pieces are so intricate and lovingly made - almost too good to use as a pincushion; but then again - isn't it to use  and see beautiful things in your everyday life.

{cloudy and coldish on this last day of September. the sun was here this morning, shinning in my bedroom window, but has now disappeared behind a sky of mottled grey and dense and dark white}.

Finger pincushions from Victoria & Albert Museum shop. Found on Lobster and Swan.
A whole Town tea cup pincushions from Mimi K (flickr). Thanks Holly for sending me the link. 
*all images used with thanks from original source.

styling i love

i'm planning a very small photo shoot tomorrow. there are only a few pieces i currently have finished that i'm ready to have photographed - but i need some new and good images for a few things.

{my sister will model. my brother-in-law will take the photos. i mean, really, why pay someone when you have fantastic professionals in the family who will do it for a few tea towels and smiles, and the goodness of their heart}.
anyway; have been thinking of styling ideas. how i want it to look. i do think it will be very simple, as there really isn't a whole lot to photograph quite yet. in an extra few weeks i'll have all my fabrics (hopefully) and a full finished collection ready to show off in it's entirety. yah!
i continue to love the look, feel, colours, mood, stories, products (clothes, homewares, bedding, shoes, dressing gowns......), models (i mean, look - isn't she gorgeous! why weren't freckles so beautifully accepted in fashion and mainstream society when i was a growing teen...) of everything toast puts out.
go and look at their new catalogues, and browse the stories and travels on their site.
{of course, none of these images are remotely at all similar to what we'll end up with; but it's always lovely to have some pretty things to look at!}.

enjoy your weekend. i'll be printing, sewing (last little bits to finish), styling and watching the model pout (not really, more like smile i think), and the photographer shoot and direct!

* all images used with thanks from Toast.


Sometimes we expect more from others, 
because we would do that much for them.

*I don't know where I found these images. They've been lingering on my desk top for a while. If you know where they are from, please do tell me. Quote was found here - and is a good thing to think about, even though it doesn't actually solve the situations that may occur from the doing more for others thing.

pin+cushion swap

Do you know that I don't actually have a really suitable pincushion. That's a crime, isn't it! For a sewer, crafter, maker sort-of-person. I should have enough pincushions for every crafting space in my life. {downstairs studio, upstairs room, that draw in the front room, my go-places-sewing-stuff, and now at my new studio}.
But I have only two teeny little pretend pincushions. Just little bits of stuffed things (one's a pear, the other's a cone thing, based on those cone tree things that were very popular a few whiles ago -can't remember the link, sorry). Neither of them are big enough to actually properly accomodate the pins I have strewn around.

I love these apples from boxsqaure. Here's a tutorial.
{Mishi + I saw some of these at Sooki, made of the most beautiful silk 
Kimono scraps. She wanted, but I resisted......}

So, here's my thoughts. Because I don't want to just go the boring route and make myself one; I'm suggesting a little (big?) pincushion swap. I know one happened a bit ago somewhere in blogland, and I missed out on being part of that. It did look like fun. Did you miss out too, and now want to be part of something.......

Oh yum! Love this juicy pyramid from The Purl Bee. 

So - if you're in need of a new pincushion, or want to be part of some swapping fun; then just leave a comment and send me an email {}. I'll see how many people are interested and then organise partner swaps and things like that.
There's not going to be any rules about what sort of pincushion - I think most all bloggers out there are pretty decent about sending beautiful swaps (from what I've seen over the years). You can send just a pincushion, or send some other little things (but aren't obliged to). I think perhaps lets make it a secret swap - so you won't know who is sending you a pincushion, and you'll send yours as a surprise. {You'll get to do some blog lurking, so you know their favourite colours, fabrics, etc....}.

These Very Easy Pincushions, from Purl Bee, would look so cute en masse.

There's a friendly looking mouse here - who would look a bit like an echidna, hedgehog or porcupine when filled with pins. Cute!
And I can't get over this bee hive. What detail and dedicated for some pins. How fun. 
I've seen this lovely shape of pincushion around a lot - but, as usual, the fabrics really make it pop, don't they. Dear Fii makes the sweetest piles of pincushions.
Anna Maria makes some spectacular cushions for the pins. 
And this pretty little flower one.
{I could go on and on and on...... show me where your favourites are.}

So - are you up for it?
{Include your details in the email: Name, Blog name or flickr or whatever you online thing is, Fav colours (or anything you don't like - eg no felt or pink or something like that....).}


I'm working (much too slowly....) on my first fashion collection. I was hoping to have something to show by now; but life has not gone that way. Oh well.. much other stuff has happened. Let's aim for some sneak peek glimpses in a few weeks {still working on setting up new studio space, so I won't rush myself}.

Anyway - my collection features quite a lot of ruffles and frills and things. It seems I'm very fascinated with them. 

Not sure if the fact that they are all over Anthropologie (and I suppose, some other fashion places...) is a good thing or a bad thing. Perhaps by the time I have my collection ready to show ruffles will be too overdone. Perhaps my pieces will be something different anyway - and it won't matter in the slightest. {Here's hoping the latter is the truth}.

Anyway, here's a few pieces from the newest Anthropologie collection. I'm very much liking this jacket and gunmetal shirt. And the berry coloured blouse is very sultry.
{August 2010}

These few pieces are from Veronika Maine (as always favourite, and inspiring - love her cuts, designs, colours, shapes, patterns).
{top:: Summer '09 bottom: Winter '09}

* There's more to look at here - ruffle, frill, pleat.

more storage - display ideas

The top one is my favourite - very doable; if you have access to those sort of boxes. Which are very very hard to find in my city....

Found {meetmeatmikes}, which linked to {rugged storage options(morning's light)}, which linked back to {Hindsvik}, which has original sources. Oh - the joys of blog hopping.......

*all images used with thanks from all these, and the original, sources!

more wooden architecture

Bamboo ceilings are something super special to see. There's so many good reasons for using it - which I'm sure you can easily imagine (cheap, grows quickly, easy to transport, breaks down and goes back into the earth fairly easily, I would think).
One of my dad's verarandahs has bamboo as the ceiling. There's a lot growing on his land, so he put it to good use (among other things he's makes with it). It was fresh and green when he put it there, and now - many many years later - it's 'seasoned' all brown and dried. It's good watching it change and settle into its spot there. 
One thing - dad tells me - that wouldn't be good about having an exposed bamboo ceiling is that it wouldn't be very insulated (against either the temperature or the animals; many of which do live in the bush and like living in a roof!). Having it for a verandah is a good compromise.

 A good bit of working with timber. Hmmmm - I'm a builder's daughter.......

These rounds are made from bamboo. Check out the whole house on the site. Built for the architect's mum, so she could live simply and watch the moon rise. I like that.

* All images used with kind thanks from architect and designer Benjamin Garcia Saxe - I like his words about 'modern' design and architecture.
{found on Map Magazine issue #122}

{{PS - we're going to look at the land again tomorrow. And talk things through. Perhaps perhaps perhaps..........}

Things for a home

It seems like a lifetime that I have been collecting images and ideas, for when I build my own home. All those endless piles of magazines, and collected clippings, and half-vaguely remembered things I wanted. 
Scattered throughout my current home {in suitcases, and folders and files} and in my mind {lost} and also in my computer.

We are going to look at the land again this weekend. This time without the kids. A proper look. Where we will talk and walk and plan and measure and dream a possible dream. Who knows..... we may have our own piece of wildness in the very near future. {And then the wildness starts when build our own home, and live in a shed for the next five years - showering out of a bucket. Reality!}.

In the meantime, I'm going to start compiling bits and pieces that I really really like. You'll probably start to get the idea that I like wooden homes; timber floors, hardwood doors and windows, big wooden benchtops, tongue-and-groove wall and floorboards, raw exposed timber ceiling..... That's what I grew up in, and really have never wanted anything different. My dad is my dream architect and builder (pity he feels too old, or something, to want to promise to build our home..).

 I love the little holes in the wall for displaying pieces. Though of course, I imagine that it's a pain to clean....

Interesting wall feature. I love semi-floating staircases, with lots of light shining through. Though takes up a lot of space - when you could use the underneath of stairs as storage. {I've once seen a staircase where each step pulled out as a little draw. The higher up you walked the smaller the draws.}

I love love love these shelves. I think would be easy to make and hang. So very me. Okay - I'm getting Sam onto something like that soon as we have a loungeroom to put them in. Must have a roof and floor before we make the furniture. No?

*Images from Hotze Eisma (found on a link from The Red Thread).