I'm working (much too slowly....) on my first fashion collection. I was hoping to have something to show by now; but life has not gone that way. Oh well.. much other stuff has happened. Let's aim for some sneak peek glimpses in a few weeks {still working on setting up new studio space, so I won't rush myself}.

Anyway - my collection features quite a lot of ruffles and frills and things. It seems I'm very fascinated with them. 

Not sure if the fact that they are all over Anthropologie (and I suppose, some other fashion places...) is a good thing or a bad thing. Perhaps by the time I have my collection ready to show ruffles will be too overdone. Perhaps my pieces will be something different anyway - and it won't matter in the slightest. {Here's hoping the latter is the truth}.

Anyway, here's a few pieces from the newest Anthropologie collection. I'm very much liking this jacket and gunmetal shirt. And the berry coloured blouse is very sultry.
{August 2010}

These few pieces are from Veronika Maine (as always favourite, and inspiring - love her cuts, designs, colours, shapes, patterns).
{top:: Summer '09 bottom: Winter '09}

* There's more to look at here - ruffle, frill, pleat.