more wooden architecture

Bamboo ceilings are something super special to see. There's so many good reasons for using it - which I'm sure you can easily imagine (cheap, grows quickly, easy to transport, breaks down and goes back into the earth fairly easily, I would think).
One of my dad's verarandahs has bamboo as the ceiling. There's a lot growing on his land, so he put it to good use (among other things he's makes with it). It was fresh and green when he put it there, and now - many many years later - it's 'seasoned' all brown and dried. It's good watching it change and settle into its spot there. 
One thing - dad tells me - that wouldn't be good about having an exposed bamboo ceiling is that it wouldn't be very insulated (against either the temperature or the animals; many of which do live in the bush and like living in a roof!). Having it for a verandah is a good compromise.

 A good bit of working with timber. Hmmmm - I'm a builder's daughter.......

These rounds are made from bamboo. Check out the whole house on the site. Built for the architect's mum, so she could live simply and watch the moon rise. I like that.

* All images used with kind thanks from architect and designer Benjamin Garcia Saxe - I like his words about 'modern' design and architecture.
{found on Map Magazine issue #122}

{{PS - we're going to look at the land again tomorrow. And talk things through. Perhaps perhaps perhaps..........}