pin+cushion swap

Do you know that I don't actually have a really suitable pincushion. That's a crime, isn't it! For a sewer, crafter, maker sort-of-person. I should have enough pincushions for every crafting space in my life. {downstairs studio, upstairs room, that draw in the front room, my go-places-sewing-stuff, and now at my new studio}.
But I have only two teeny little pretend pincushions. Just little bits of stuffed things (one's a pear, the other's a cone thing, based on those cone tree things that were very popular a few whiles ago -can't remember the link, sorry). Neither of them are big enough to actually properly accomodate the pins I have strewn around.

I love these apples from boxsqaure. Here's a tutorial.
{Mishi + I saw some of these at Sooki, made of the most beautiful silk 
Kimono scraps. She wanted, but I resisted......}

So, here's my thoughts. Because I don't want to just go the boring route and make myself one; I'm suggesting a little (big?) pincushion swap. I know one happened a bit ago somewhere in blogland, and I missed out on being part of that. It did look like fun. Did you miss out too, and now want to be part of something.......

Oh yum! Love this juicy pyramid from The Purl Bee. 

So - if you're in need of a new pincushion, or want to be part of some swapping fun; then just leave a comment and send me an email {}. I'll see how many people are interested and then organise partner swaps and things like that.
There's not going to be any rules about what sort of pincushion - I think most all bloggers out there are pretty decent about sending beautiful swaps (from what I've seen over the years). You can send just a pincushion, or send some other little things (but aren't obliged to). I think perhaps lets make it a secret swap - so you won't know who is sending you a pincushion, and you'll send yours as a surprise. {You'll get to do some blog lurking, so you know their favourite colours, fabrics, etc....}.

These Very Easy Pincushions, from Purl Bee, would look so cute en masse.

There's a friendly looking mouse here - who would look a bit like an echidna, hedgehog or porcupine when filled with pins. Cute!
And I can't get over this bee hive. What detail and dedicated for some pins. How fun. 
I've seen this lovely shape of pincushion around a lot - but, as usual, the fabrics really make it pop, don't they. Dear Fii makes the sweetest piles of pincushions.
Anna Maria makes some spectacular cushions for the pins. 
And this pretty little flower one.
{I could go on and on and on...... show me where your favourites are.}

So - are you up for it?
{Include your details in the email: Name, Blog name or flickr or whatever you online thing is, Fav colours (or anything you don't like - eg no felt or pink or something like that....).}