bread I'll be making

look at this yummy bread.

i've not been making enough bread lately. i do hate buying bread. be it from the shops in a plastic bag (eeekkkkk hate that) or from the bakery in a paper bag (a much better option than plastic, and i can take my own paper bag to reuse. but the "gourmet" bakeries around here can get a bit $$ for something my family will consume in 1-2 days).

i'm planning on bread making this week.

rye is the only flour i have in the cupboard. trying to stop the excess wheat.

monday is studio working day (Sam is off work, to be an at-home-dad). so tuesday will be bread making day. perhaps you'll want to come back and share some fresh warm bread (with dripply butter and Vegemite, maybe) with us.

what's your best bread recipe? i don't really have one, as such - just bung it all in and knead it up. even though i've seen a lot of no-knead bloggers out there, the kneading is the thing for me. that's the part that always makes me think of my mum. and that's good.

*image used with thanks from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes.