sunday afternoon + giveaway winner

I've been sick for the past week and a half.
Keep thinking it's over; but it's one of those flu things that just stays around.lingering.
Lots of night time coughing.
Sam's been sick too; yet still having to go to work every day. Urgh. He's a good man.

Today I have finally have the energy to start getting the house back into order. And get the back-log of washing on the line. Perhaps by tomorrow the house will be looking good again - livable in.

We've spent a beautiful day of picnics in the backyard with my sister + nephew. Riding bikes, chatting, playing bubbles with the next door neighbours, drinking dandelion in the last patches of sunlight on a late Winter afternoon.

Sam and the kids have walked up to the bike shop. They're looking at a new bike for Ari's birthday (in October). He's finally getting the hang of riding, and needs a bigger bike. Mishi will get his old bike (painted pink, purple + silver; as per her request!).

I'm sorting through things (fabrics and associated stuff). Will be working at the studio tomorrow, and need to have everything on hand over there.

Listening to The Audreys.
Loving the lavender and jasmine that the kids are bringing into the house, and putting in little jars of water.
Enjoying this bookshelf and it's collection of things that I've recently put in the front room (during one of my little rearrange-moods).
And this crochet snowflake I made a while ago, and have hanging in the front windows.
Being inspired by this sea quilt. (Perhaps I'll finally get Ari's quilt started.....).
Flicking through the July/Aug issue of VogueLiving that Sylv found at the airport (on her way home from Tasmania a short while ago). {Sorry person who left it accidently and wanted to read the mag while the plane - I hope you enjoyed looking out the window instead}.

And the winner from my tea towel giveaway. (Sorry it's a week late - the flu headaches and drowsiness have been too consuming). Random generator has declared the winner to be Kim from Udessi.

*Come back soon, as I'll have another giveaway later this week.