lolly dollies

I realised that I haven't yet shown you the finished costume making from a few weeks ago.

I did feel like a crazy sort of tramped up Alice in Wonderland all night. It was marvelous. I was made up (by the resident make-up girl, thanks Bonnie) with the longest fake eyelashes. Oh.Fun! They did feel a little strange, took a bit getting used to. But were so lovely to see on everyone else (and make great shadow shots!). 

Of course, I forgot my camera on the night. Ari took a few before my hair + makeup were done (and high-sunlight squinting factor - ie terrible photos of me......). And the girls took the others on the night (in low light and bathroom / glamourous dressing room mirrors).

*We called ourselves the Lolly Dollies, as we handed out packets of lollies as prizes.
We are having a Mad Hatter's Tea Party for Ari's birthday. I have my costume done and done, now!