afternoon tea & a few good books on the back verandah {or what would you call your autobiography....}

This is my little styled scene from the Shannon Fricke workshop last week. We did a theme board, using magazine tearsheets. I really like the colour tones.moods I've used; though a lot of the elements aren't quite right. The cushions should be much bigger, it really is out of proportion. And the white pebbles on the ground were putting me off quite a bit (though looking at the image on Shannon's blog they don't look too terrible).
Isn't that old metal tambourine just amazingly beautiful. Shannon had pulled some fantastic treasures from her collections for us to use in our styling. The cushion is from Cloth Fabric, and the little red vessel is from Shannon's new Free Range collection. That piece of blue cloth really reminded me of my mum, as many years ago she hand dyed some similar colour tones onto similar weave fabric; and we had pieces she'd made (cushions and things) around our home while I was growing up. And of course, that roll of twine is so very us - as we use jute and hemp twine in our packaging and always have a few rolls about. Though none of ours are on such pretty wooden spools. Note to self: Must look out for pretty wooden spools.

This is Lea's corner, which didn't quite get finished. A long day ran away from us too quickly and we didn't have time for all that we wanted! I love her tender little colours and attention to the smallest details - those budlets sitting in the vases, and the sparkly theme running through it all. And let me tell you - that piece of fabric sitting there was the most sublime piece of almost costume-like theatricality of perfection. I saw many woman stop and be enthralled by it during the day. I'm sure I've shown you scenes of Lea's home before, perhaps I'll have to search my archives and show you again and she does have a wonderful knack for styling in a real warm sense, and beautiful collection of special pieces in her home. {You see, I told you she was our sister by interest and talent and such}.

This was Sylv's corner. Afternoon tea and a few good books on the back verandah. Ha - that could be the title to Sylv's memoirs. No.....? Those green colours are just perfectly Sylv. Well, actually I think perhaps she's actually really a bit of a deeper green, but it's not far off. And the rambling shelf of plants with that beautiful touch-me-touch-me-but only ever so gently teapot. It has translucent spots on the lid. Oh, it was lovely. {Both Sylv + I spotted it on the kitchen counter as we walked into the room at the start of the day}. I'll just let you know, though, Sylv doesn't read Country Style magazine - not quite her cup-of-tea; just so you don't get different ideas about who she is, and all......

Looking at these three images now. I do quite like that in some way they somehow each vaguely represent each of the three of us as people. Maybe I'm just rambling now, or maybe my tired thoughts are making some real sense. {It is almost 9pm people, and now that I live in the county it's quite my bedtime! Though I do have some new library books I'm going to curl up with....}.

This is Take One, well, Take Two actually, but the top (first) picture is Take Three which is really Take One. If you get what I mean. ie - I just wanted to try something different, but went back to my original first setting, after having to check that less really was more and took out those play matchboxes.

One important thing that Shannon made us remember/realise was that even though you may have an excellent theme.idea.storyboard.location it might all go to pieces on the day of the styling shoot. So, be prepared for Plan B, which is to fly by the seat of you perfectly knowledgeable stylish pants.

*Shannon wrote a lovely little post about the workshop day on her blog too. And look.look.look she included the styling corners of both mine + Sylvs. Yah to that!