skies {and looking up}

A week of rain last week got us all down and mopey again. I think everyone in the Tweed Valley is affected by the rain the same way. All these years of wet and moss and mould and weather predictions that one friend joked could be the same for the next year.

So - seeing sunshine yesterday, and glorious blue skies today. It's enough to make us happy again. Anything's possible when the sky is blue and the only clouds we see are the pretty ones all coloured by the afternoon sun.

I love watching the morning shadows stretching into our yard.
This morning, while waiting for the school bus, the kids and I spotted spider web filled with dew, and fine early morning mist, and the sun slowly creeping over the mountains. And the birds were calling.

What a glorious start to the week. Winter is well and truely here.

     :: other lovely things from around ::
} my brother and his partner on the radio, talking about CSA
} fig and fauna - on such a pretty blog to look at, about life on a homesteading farm.
} Alex Falkiner - been so loving seeing her stitching work and colourful images on Instagram.
} Lotta's new exclusive collection - this top especially.
} and the sweet games my littlies were playing over the weekend - M dressed in her yellow tutu as Pikachu and A with a specially made Pokemon belt, as the trainer Ash.