Easter Geometry by Dietlind Wolf
I had planned this past week to do some natural dyeing with some chicken eggs. We even blew out the eggs and have the shells sitting and waiting. 

Despite not having the time to get them made, the real reason was that the children weren't so interested and we don't exactly have the space in our home for endless decorations and such.

Easter to us is really chocolate day. Chocolate is a religion isn't it! 

These beautifully designed egg making crafts fit more within the art & design category than the usual crafting that happens at schools and such. So amazing. I think these are perfect for any time of year - perhaps for our Southern Hemisphere Spring when it comes around?

Here's my little round-up. You only have to jump onto Pinterest to find about a trillion more......

I follow Lisa on Instagram, and am always inspired by her work - her tutorials, photos and printables that she shares are so lovely. She also has a round up of some of her favourite eggish crafty finds on her blog.  
Chalkboard Eggs from The Red Thread
These chalkboard eggs, by Lisa from The Red Thread sure are cute and would be lovely as party table settings. I'm sure kids would have lots of fun with writing special messages on these.
Egg shell and macrame hangers by The Red Thread
Macrame is super hot right now. I think my mum would love that, she sure was a bit of a macrame queen in her days (and also was known to have worn a crochet itsy bitsy bikini!). But macrame is a bit more funked up and modern than it used to be. Check out this tutorial, again by Lisa.

Tablescape by Dietlind Wolf
These were made for Living at Home magazine. Oh where can I find that publication. WOW oh WOW! I needn't say anything more about this delicious amazing fantastical vibrant eggish tablescape. Imagine sitting down for a family Easter lunch to this.

Eggs the Design*Sponge way!
The sweetest little eggish necklace from Design*Sponge
You can count on Design*Sponge to take egg decorating to a whole other level. These are simply stunning! There are tutorials for these and more, so pop on over to do some making or simply be inspired.

If you'd like to try your hand at some naturally dyed eggs, use things like turmeric, red cabbage, onion skins or beetroot. Some vinegar or salt in the water helps the colour to be fast, but it'll be a soft faded type of dye. It's a lovely and very satisfying activity, simple to do in your kitchen.